“So low” song by ex-member Mark Ilich

A member of the Twelve Tribes in Australia from 1997 till 2010, Mark Ilich (Qatan in the group) since wrote this song “So low” with his brother David Ilich.

The story of Mark Ilich and his family in the Twelve Tribes was subject of a lengthy article in the Sydney Morning Herald, in 2013 

The other song “Mind bender” by David Ilich is inspired by the struggle we face with another “Big Brother” taking control of our lives under cover of a never ending health emergency.

If you enjoy “So low” or “Mind bender” you can purchase the songs for NZD 4 on Band Camp, an independent music platform that supports musicians, unlike big corporate music giants who drain the artists they live off. Band Camp is based in the USA. Artists from all over the world choose Band Camp as a very affordable platform to release their work.

One Comment On ““So low” song by ex-member Mark Ilich”

  1. “So Low” really hits that personal space that non-ex-members can’t approach.

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