Interview of ex-leader in Australian TT tribe 2020

Scott Czarnecki (Chen) joined the group before it was called the Twelve Tribes in 1979 in Chattanooga and left in 2009. Here is the interview by Australian A current Affair team and following is the uncut interview as filmed and commented on by Chen.

Also here is the article which goes with the video interview:

3 Comments On “Interview of ex-leader in Australian TT tribe 2020”

  1. Son of Death, go to death.

  2. You realize that Chen was murdered last month.

  3. I spent a week on their farm in order to chill out, do farm work and perhaps learn a few skills. They were friendly, their children were sociable and well behaved and they never asked me for anything. As I was leaving, they welcomed me back anytime. After returning home, they never bothered me again. I have nothing bad to say about it. My over all thoughts on the experience are good conversation, good food and hard work.

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