Twelve Tribes child abuse exposed in Germany


An investigative journalist infiltrates the group and finds evidence of child abuse. This will lead to the raid early September 2013 where 40 children were taken into state custody.

5 Comments On “Twelve Tribes child abuse exposed in Germany”

  1. Ok can I understand A child being very bad,like fighting another,stealing,cursing etc.You know maybe A no,dont do that and one very short spanking and done.This is abuse though,kids are not perfect and same with us adult’s,to hit a child for playing airplane lol I am 29 years old and sometimes I imagine myself on A beach drinking A beer.

  2. Who knew that virtually all grandparents from more than about 50 years ago were brutal criminals! As one American comedian laughs about the joke that “time-outs” are to inner-city kids, spanking doesn’t teach children to be violent; it teaches them to sit down. It teaches them that defiance doesn’t pay. Given Germany’s rampant import of Muslims and their long history of far worse practices, this seems a little breathlessly sensational and missing perspective.

  3. dear reluctant poster…………..this web site hits the mark, it doesn’t miss it, so perspective is clear. we seek not to be sensational we seek to be accurate on the facts about the twelve tribes. old fashioned corporal punishment is not what the twelve tribes employ, its a wide scale of abuse, it is not one thing in one way . There are reports of children hit many many hours on end. turning children’s skin to hamburger meat. elders words not mine. And really,shouldn’t the elders be held accountable since they run the show? your comment misses the mark good sir.

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  5. Amazing work by the journalist. I hope those children who were removed from that twisted, evil place are happy, healthy and thriving now. Those elders should be burned at a stake for their atrocities.

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