Gems, pearls and diamonds – Spriggs/Yoneq Quotes

 TT (Yoneq/Spriggs) teachings concerning being “perfect” for outsiders and withholding the truth or outright lying in order to “make a stand:”
“The only thing we have to be perfect in now is confessing our sins and speaking to people on the outside.  Or your conscience will haunt you night and day.”
“There is a difference between bearing false witness and concealing a matter (not telling the truth) that others have forfeited their right to know because of their hostile and evil attitude toward God.”
November 29, 1988  Phase 2 Teaching Yoneq pg. 1
“Sometimes we make a stand with the truth by not revealing the truth or by our answers that are or are not true.”  November 29, 1988  Phase 2  Teaching – Yoneq pg. 1
2.  Teachings that demonstrate Yoneq/Spriggs speaks for God.  In the
     quote below, understand the only one who the TT considers to have “delegated authority” from God is Yoneq/Spriggs.  So what he in fact is saying is to obey himself without argument as you would obey God.
“All who know God and know authority will obey his word, will obey Him, will obey His delegated authority without argument.  Acts 3:23 – If we do not obey every word he speaks to us we will be cut-off.
November 18, 1990  Reasoning  pg. 4
3.  Quotes concerning Yoneq/Spriggs being in fact the Elijah and having God’s authority.
Note, the following quote is regarding a woman who died of cancer who was a long time member of the TT.  They could not explain her untimely death without finding some fault in her life or unconfessed sin.  She was accused of speaking ill of Yoneq once years before and therefore rejecting God’s authority and not“receiving” Elijah.
“No way if Mary disrespected God’s authority could faith come to heal her – Numbers 12 No way her children could be saved Malachi 4:5 If (you) don’t receive Elijah (you) don’t receive (the) anointing (your) children will be accursed – no hope.”  September 2, 1990  Apostolic
Workers Meeting  pg. 5
“Keli told us we can know the spirit of Elijah is in our midst because of how we are continually brought back to the necessity of turning our heart to our children.”  Aug. 6, 1996  Apostolic Workers Meeting pg. 3
4.  Quotes concerning there being no true church for the last 1900 years:
“Everything has been in abeyance for at least 1900 years – put off for a future generation to fulfill.  Abeyance – put off, it’s no longer in existence.  There is no people of God; there is no holy nation; there is no twelve-tribes nation; there has been no one keeping the way of YHWH for 1900 years – it has been in abeyance.”
April 9, 1995  The Fall of the First Church  pg. 3
“Therefore the evil one has been a ruler for 1900 years.  They crucified the very Son of God – YHWH in the flesh.  They killed Him!  It proves who is in control of the world – Satan rules the whole world.”
April 9, 1995  The Fall of the First Church
5.  TT teaching concerning people’s right to “reason” or think for themselves vs. submitting to authority.
“Many people are enslaved by a spirit of reason.  They will only come when they are called and go where they are sent when it seems right to them.  They always want to know a reason.  If they are under this bondage of reasoning, sooner or later slanderous words will come out of their mouth against authority and there will be no possibility of escape from death.”  November 18, 1990  Reasoning
6.  TT teachings concerning beating children until they bleed:
“Under discipline accomplishes nothing.  It is better not to discipline our children at all – “the blueness of the wound drives away all evil.”
October 1980  Child Training – Notes from Teachers Meeting – pg. 5
“Unless your son has blue wounds, by this standard, you know what kind of a standard is in you – it is the spirit that hates your son.  If one is overly concerned about his son receiving blue marks you know that he hates his son and hates the word of God.” – No date – Execution of
Justice  pg. 1
7.  TT quotes concerning being “cut-off” due to not submitting to authority or the teachings of Yoneq.  A member can be “cut-off”  within the community and not allowed to participate in social  activity or be asked to leave.
“What do we have that’s greater than our attachment (staying connected) to our Master, Yahshua, and His people?  Do we think that we can put aside our life for awhile and leave the Community and go out and do other things and then come back?”  – May 19, 1994 The
Seriousness of Being Cut-Off From Messiah  pg. 5
“In the nations if you join the army and go to battle and desert the battle you could be imprisoned or even killed.  (A deserter is worthy of death – if he falls into the hands of the enemy he will betray you).  It’s a serious thing to be in a battle and desert your troop.  You have to see that we’re in a war here.  This is our Father’s army and you can’t so easily come back.  We made a pledge at baptism not to leave.”
May 19, 1994  The Seriousness of Being Cut-Off from Messiah  pg. 3
8.  TT(Yoneq/Spriggs) quotes concerning followers becoming gods of  their own galaxy:
“We are going to be holy people.  Holy, set apart by the Holy Spirit to accomplish His will.  The day will come when each one of you has a galaxy to rule over.”  [Source: “The Three Eternal Destinies # 74 - Three Categories of Man 5” - Nov. 19, 1996  Morning Minchah, Reuben Teaching identifier 961119A]
“Rev. 1:6; 5:10 – He has made us to be kings and priests – that’s who we are!  We will rule over galaxies.  When people of the nations see us, it will be just like seeing the Father (Jn. 14:9).  We will bear His name, His character, His image, His authority.”  [Source: “Salvation is a Free Gift (But who Does He Give it to?)”  December 1997 Coxsackie, N.Y. Teaching identifier 9712T08]

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  1. As a former member I find it very sad after Reading this that Yoneq speaks of the seriousness of reasoning, because while I was there I experienced numerous reasoning they used to justify disobeying certain commandments Christ gave, like Luke 17:4 that says, If a brother sins against you seven times a day and ‘re o nets by saying…I repent you shall forgive them, I ask why they could not forgive me when I repented but they reasoned that…”We can’t just forgive someone if they say I repent, otherwise sin would enter the church.” So I was never forgiven after trying so hard to repent. And after having hardships with my Ex they separated us…and I eventually got a divorce as they would not let me be with her. So if they are the real thing why such wrongs.

    • They have neither life nor love to pass on to others. That’s why they were using coercion to manipulate you to where they needed you to be. Coercion always represents the deficiency of something. Notice, though, that they did have an overabundance of something else that they were happy to pass on to you. Guilt and worthlessness. We must accept that the only things they have to put into others are the things that have been put into them.

      All abusers we’re once victims. We must be the ones to stop the cycle. I was fooled by them too.

  2. I was there,I found it to be so sad that they believed in so many profound truths yet did not believe in certain commandments Christ gave, like Luke 17:4, women not being fully submissive to their husbands and wife’s allowed to judge their heads ( This happened with me and my Ex wife, they separated us against my Will too.) and teaching their youths to masturbate, was not in accordance of what Galatians said which says that…all who belong to messiah have cut off their flesh along with all its desires, and women talking and teaching at their gatherings, Paul warned about this in Galatians chapter one, that says, if anyone teaches Anything contrary to what we taught you then they will be eternally accursed, for that the gospel which was taught of me IS NOT AFTER MAN, for I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. So the question is is Yoneqs teachings of man or of Christ when they add so much to the gospel and clearly contradict apolstalic foundational teaching.For as 1Timothy chapter 6:3 Says if any man teach otherwise, and consent Not to the WHOLSOME words of Christ and to the doctrine which is,acccording to godliness, then He is Proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words. For as 2 Timothy 4:3-4, the day will come that they will not endure sound doctrine, but put up teachers according to their own desires. This correspondingly has happened not only in the Tribe communities but also in many Christian church’s.But it no wonder for as Paul warned in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, that in the last days a there will be a powerful delusion with all lieing signs and wonders, so those who do not receive the love if the truth, will believe the lie. You shall know them by their fruits….Respectfully M.T.

  3. Part 2. Also it’s very clear after much exzaimenation of facts, that many of Yoneq’s teachings add and in some cases takes away from the word by adding his logical sounding justifications in very clear violation of Proverbs 30 verse 6, and Duetoromony 4 verse 2. There are so many examples of this I found in Yoneq’s teachings, like them instructing me that” God just cannot forgive someone if they say I repent because if they did people would just keep on sinning.” This ofcourse runs contrary to Christ commandment in Luke 17 verse 4. Or saying women can talk at gatherings because their equal shares of grace, despite Paul’s warnings in Timothy that the women should be silent. Or not allowing husbands to rule over their wife’s which I tried to do but they prevented me from doing and separated me from my ex wife against my will with no apologies, in contradiction to many commandments for the man to be the head over the wife by adding to the words from the Bible, primarily through their own man made justifications as Paul warned not to in Galatians chapter 1 verse 3 Thur 10. I’m convinced all the evil one has to do is add to the word to justify usurping a commandment, much like Christianity does and it make lairs out of men as Proverbs chapter 30 verse 6 shows, or judging incorrectly by adding to the word your own opinions, like saying all blacks are going to Hell if their not slaves or in the community, or people who retire too with no clear evidence of it being written in scriptures, but stated in Yoneq’s teachings. So please be wise as the serpents as Christ commanded and find a people fully obedient to His will as I’m myself, for without full obedience to His will, one is cut off, proud and knows nothing as 1 Timothy 6 verse 3 says and Acts 3 verse 22 Thur 23 says,wether they know it or not, this parallels what Christ warned in Mathew chapter 24 verse 24, how there will be many false prophets that will mislead people and show great signs and wonders. Pray for the Tribes as I do that this realization will help them to truly become the fulfillment of His great commission to “Obey Everything He commanded” in Mathew 28 verse 20, or find a people who actually do. Respectfuly Ex member Martin… Best Wishes in your quest.

    • Hi Martin,
      I read your comments from 2016. I note that you referred to the TT teaching youths to masturbate. Are you able to explain any more about this? I would appreciate your input. I only ask because I am concerned that my ex-partner, who has recently left the TT, has been actively teaching our young son to masturbate. These concerns arose some months ago and are based on my observations (I will not describe the details, for the sake of our son).

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