Death of the first church

In the early church there were hundreds of clans and every one of them died out.  Today there is no remnant left out of all those communities.  They lost their light by the second century.  (Rev. 2:5).  It was removed because they lost their first love.  When you have lost your first love you are cut off from Israel, you are accursed. – Members of Messiah  4/15/90
The first church sought YHWH long enough to establish the 12 tribes, but didn’t endure. – Burnt Offering
For 1900 years the church and the world have been carrying on an affair.  No longer is there roots of any spiritual nature in the age old foundation.  Neither root nor branch is left.  Babylon cannot be healed.  Healing had been applied but there is no foundation for it, no constitution. – Apostasy – Apostate Israel
The first church, that new Israel, came into the covenant and vowed themselves to be violent men (Matt. 11:12).  But less than fifty years later, their silence turned to passivity.  They began in full moon and waned …. – Burnt Offering, Sus  3/12/89
We see how the first church was destroyed written all through the epistles.  They erred and fell away because they lost their first love, did not remain in His loving kindness, did not receive Paul’s authority, and received another gospel, spirit, yahshua.  They allowed people to come in over the wall (thieves and robbers, Jn. 10).  They did not see to it that no one missed the grace of God and many were defiled. – Stone III, Sus  5/28/89
The first church fell away because they stopped confessing their sins. – Abide 1988
As soon as the first church lost their power and lamp stands, the last remnants, ‘the last little bit’ of the Holy Spirit eked out. – Stone III, Sus 5/28/89
The early church failed to pass on the Holy Spirit to their children.  Therefore their lamp stand was taken away.  If they could not pass the Holy Spirit to their own children, how could they pass Him on to their spiritual children? – Elders and Deacons
In the first century the church was on the earth but then for the last 1800 years or so, it has been in heaven – for there was no real church on earth …. Tribe  12/14/92
The first church quit seeking for YHWH and one by one, each person fell away until there was not even a remnant left on earth of those who sought for YHWH.  There were a few overcomers, but they eventually died, and so the first church, early in the second century, turned into Christianity.  They were without God.  They had a form of godliness…. He was not king of the house of Jacob on earth anymore – only in heaven.  So there was no longer a light – a witness on earth.  The first church was dead (on earth). – Keeping Covenants/Blood Covenant  12/19/92
The first church developed and fell and 1900 years have gone by and nothing has happened.  It is like YAHSHUA came and died and rose and nothing happened.  Messiah had nothing.  Messiah was cut off and had nothing. – Israel M’Susah  11/26/89
The Twelve Tribes by the turn from the first to the second century had a dead faith….. No longer was the gospel they preached valid, since no sent ones were available to preach faith to anyone.  The church died since the false gospel could not put anyone to death that they might live a new life in Yahshua Ha Mashiyach. – Two Ransoms # 6 – What Shall A Man Give In Exchange For His Soul
All those saved by Paul’s ministry in Acts 20 lost their first love (40 years later)  The end result of Paul’s labor was all in vain.  They lost their lamp stand and were no longer a church …. – Self Control and The Fruit of the Spirit
In the first church the glory left.  The church actually decreased, declined in its glory.  Its glory waned and waned and waned until there was no more moon. – Glory – John 17
For 1900 years He has not had a people on earth (only in heaven), but now in these last days His people are being restored like a root out of dry ground.  [From the seed that was preserved in heaven from Rev. 3:4]. – Willing
The first church stopped confessing their sins.  Their sins piled up to heaven.  Since self-judgment had stopped, the candlesticks were blown out. – David’s Heart
Not one Edah survived; they all died.  They were given over to the enemy.  The Holy Spirit left.  The life left.  You won’t find any remnant of the first church today, no way…. – Witness to the Resurrection of Yahshua
It was the responsibility of each member of the first church to continue living in the sovereignty of Yahshua.  They didn’t do it.  They received His sovereignty initially but they didn’t continue in it (Deut 28).  They were all lawless, not submitted to God, to His delegated authority, to His Lordship or sovereignty of Yahshua.  I John 3:4; Rev. 3:2, 5 Many were lawless, they were sinning without confessing their sins.  They weren’t judging themselves right.  They were not able to examine themselves right, due to apathy masquerading as maturity and they didn’t know that they were poor and blind and naked. – The Demise
For over 1,900 years, there’s been many cupfuls, buckets full, of cold water poured on the original Edah. And its dead.  But now! – The Prophets Must Speak
Fifty years after Pentecost the lamp stand was removed from most of its places.  After another fifty years the children of the children all died.  The Spirit left the first edah.  Christianity was born after 50 years from Pentecost.  The leaven penetrated the whole loaf after another fifty years – three to four generations.  The Spirit was not given to one soul after the lamp stand was removed from out of its places.  It took about 50 years for all the saints of overcomers, those who had not stained their garments, to die off. – The Guilty Fathers

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