Open house in the community of Tabitha’s Place – 9 July 2015

Source: Sudouest – 9 July 2015

Just over two weeks after the impressive gendarmerie raid on the sectarian community an open house was held on Sunday.

The community of the Twelve Tribes, otherwise known as Tabitha’s Place, organized its open house last Sunday, a little over two weeks after the impressive police operation which led to the seizure of numerous files and to the temporary placement of four children for suspected bad treatments. The day has not attracted the crowds, according to local residents.

Moreover, the movement identified as sectarian by the Interministerial Mission of combat and vigilance against sectarian aberrations such as this one, has issued a statement a few days ago to comment on the police raid.

“None of the members of the group have been indicted nor are under the status of assisted witness,” says Tabitha’s Place. The community and its members “remain confident, as in the past, for the coming conclusions of the investigating judge who ordered these operations.”

The Twelve Tribes finally explained that “the only four children who were placed temporarily returned to their parents on 1 July 2015 by decision of the judge of Pau” . However, they are subject to educational measures which involve outside educators visiting Tabitha’s place.


Comments from the public on article:

Couvreur64 says: I was told they only put invites in letterboxes in Sus. I guess they wanted to keep this event local.

Herpe64 says: Open house: they didn’t tell anyone about it so those inside don’t escape and those outside don’t come and have a look.

La réveuse says: Members are so afraid of retaliations they dare not say anything but there has been some leaks!!



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