Twelve Tribes documentary 2015 from Spain

Here is the complete documentary with embedded English subtitles that takes us to the Spanish community. Following the 2013 raid of the German community and the state of Bavaria putting all their children in the care of foster parents and in youth state centers, there is a strong concern that the same childabuse which was proven to occur on a systemic level in Germany would be also happening in Spain.

In April 2015 Spanish TV channel La Sexta aired the first part of two with the title: Las Doce Tribus, una secta en el punto de mira por maltrato infantil que se extentiende por toda Europa.

We also had here on Question12Tribes, an extract of the second part with English subtitles which is the interview of Spanish ex-member

source of complete documentary:


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  1. This group settled in northern Spain southern en france southern Germany (usa Argentina +Worldwide) is particularly agressive and pedocriminal we helped families to exit and some parents grand-parents to Free their Beloved children
    There is actually a mexican boy 6y/o disappeared in the uSA his father is Still searching for him

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