Teachings 1985

1985.12.20-L01 Circumcision — Letter from Haggai

1985.11.20-L02 Blessed Holy Spirit — Letter from Stephen

1985.11.20-L01 Holy Spirit

1985.11.10-L01 Ahimelech (Letter from Stephen)

1985.11.00-T04 Love is a Substance

1985.09.07-L01 Obstinacy (Letter from Connie)

1985.06.28-T01Waiting Periods 1

1985.05.00-T02 Belial 2

1985.05.00-T01 Belial 1

1985.04.19-L01Circumcision — Letter from Caleb David

1985.04.12-L01 World — Letter to Mike McHugh

1985.04.00-T01 Besetting Sins and Noble Vessels

1985.04.00-L01 The Anabaptists and the German Bible

1985.03.30-L01 The Deluding Influence (Letter from Zechariah)

1985.03.29-L01 Salvation

1985.02.20-L01 First cup (Letter from Abigail)

1985.02.08-L01 Beginnings

1985.02.00-T01 Romans 13: Yah’s Law and Man’s Law

1985.02.00-L01 Ananias & Sapphira

1985.01.17-L01 Love Gives Value

1985.01.00-T02 Registration, Draft, and Participation in War

1985.01.00-T01Child Training B

1985.00.00-T30 The Communion Meal we Share

1985.00.00-T14 The Communion Meal we Share

1985.00.00-T13 Speaking the Truth in Love

1985.00.00-T12 Circumcision 1

1985.00.00-T11 In His Name and Using His Name

1985.00.00-T04 Ishshah – Jephthah’s Daughter 1

1985.00.00-T03 For the Sake of Husbands

1985.00.00-T02 Ye Ole Concordance

1985.00.00-T01 Leviticus

1985.00.00-L05 Jephthah’s Daughter (Letter from Zechariah)