Cult Twelve Tribes Sydney headquarters raided by police

Source: A current affair
By Alison Piotrowski|15 hours ago
Cult Twelve Tribes raided
The headquarters of the Sydney-based arm of the Twelve Tribes cult was raided today by detectives as a part of Strike Force Nanegai.

A Current Affair can reveal that police have been investigating the cult known for its strict disciplining of children and lack of medical care since 2018.

Detectives from Springwood Police searched the cult’s Peppercorn Creek Farm property in Picton for six hours earlier today, collecting documents and diary entries as evidence.

The property was raided after an investigation launched in 2018. (A Current Affair)
Numerous investigations into the Twelve Tribes have taken place overseas within the last decade, including a US investigation into allegations of the group forcing their young members to work on farms and factory assembly lines, and a German police investigation into the repeated physical punishment of children.

A Current Affair has heard numerous accounts of Australian children of the Twelve Tribes being beaten with rods from a very young age.

Detectives searched the cult’s Peppercorn Creek Farm property in Picton for six hours earlier today, collecting documents and diary entries as evidence. (A Current Affair)

The Twelve Tribes have been accused of severely disciplining children and restricting access to medical care. (A Current Affair)

Ex-members have also revealed that they were discouraged from seeking outside medical treatment, and that there are a high number of stillbirths within the community.

The Twelve Tribes operates The Yellow Deli in Katoomba and The Common Ground Bakery in Picton.

A Current Affair has approached the Twelve Tribes for comment.

Cult Twelve Tribe’s Sydney headquarters was raided by police earlier today. (A Current Affair)
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2 Comments On “Cult Twelve Tribes Sydney headquarters raided by police”

  1. When I first met the twelve tribes communities, I really thought their way of life and thinking was God’s gift to humanity. I sure was wrong.

    I’ll never forget the jerk that ruled over my wife and I. Demanding that I take my wife’s teddy bear and burn it up in the household wood stove. Then later I found out some of my clothing that wasn’t Jewish enough was also burned up in the wood stove without my permission.

    The obnoxious Twelve Tribes brother that ruled over us used the excuse that he was Jewish for his behavior. The most arrogant SOB I’ve ever met in this lifetime.

    For a religion that claims to be God’s chosen people, and the new true Israel, What a joke, Twelve Tribes Community cult better start looking at their own bad nasty fruit. Instead of saying the rest of the world isn’t producing The Good Life fruit that God desires.

    There’s various people there I do really care about, and they’re really nice upstanding well-meaning people. But it’s really deplorable the way They’ve allowed their brains To be programmed by the head Apostle just like I did. I guess I never got totally programmed. so I was able to have some common sense left, and was able to leave.

  2. The Central Intelligence Agency is known to have recruited at the same college in chattanooga tennessee that “springs” supposedly attended.

    The “cult” is most likely known about by white well to do southern families. And supported by prominent southern white families. This is a invisible race war.

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