Yoneq = “Apostle”

“Shimon: “I  want to repent for my dullness.  I’m so thankful for the sensitivity and discernment Yoneq possesses.  I know I am affected deeply by my past involvement in Christianity.  I was blind in asking Grace to sing that song last night.  It was an admixture.  It is a wicked spirit that brings good feelings from good words.” – Desire 1991, p. 14
“Fortunately, Yoneq was our first guest, putting an end to the never-ending increase of our need for air conditioners.  Our only-at-night air conditioners had increased to the Sabbath’s nap times and whenever we were in our rooms for any length of time.” – ibid, p. 17.
“In his November 15, 1988, teaching on Natural Law, Kharash contrasted the American and French Revolutions…. Kharash went on to say that Thomas Jefferson popularized the French way of thinking in government.  Kharash further went on to say that Thomas Jefferson believed in the philosophy of pacifism by which he nearly ruined America.
     Yoneq had spoken very highly of Thomas Jefferson, whose Declaration of Independence stated that men were endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights and to secure these rights governments were established by men (October 10, 1988, What Is Capitalism?).  After hearing things like that, it is difficult to hear Jefferson described as a subverter of the fundamental ideals of the Constitution.” – Concerning Teaching History, p. 7.
“….Here at the schoolhouse Yoneq is very happy to have Gidon (ben Raphael) and Michael (ben Beniah) working with him.  Yoneq thinks of what to do and they build it for him …..”
     Israel came a few minutes later and told Yoneq what Michael had said on the phone.  Calling Michael and Gidon, Phineas and myself into a room, he rebuked Michael sharply saying, ‘Never in the 17 years of the community have I been treated with such disrespect.’  He went on to expose Michael’s wickedness in not being satisfied to just be still for a while but needing to have some lawless activity to fill him.  He told him he would not permit him to do any work, taking the spray can out of his hand – for he had disdained the small job of spray painting the light fixtures.  He had no relation with our Master if he had to be working all the time in order to have peace.
     Yoneq left the room in extreme displeasure telling he and Gidon that they could just sit in their room until their ‘savior’ Derush came to get them.  (But he also said that even their work in Boston could not continue because it was just Rasha).” – Personal Correspondence, undated
“As the entire body here in Sus gathered into the entrance hall at Tabitha’s Place, Yoneq continued teaching, amidst translations in German, Spanish and French, about the training of our children, conflict, authority and reasoning.” – Authority 4, p. 1.
“Dear Abigail and Yowceph,
     Probably if I attempted to write a shorter letter it would be easier to get out to you sooner.  My heart is so full of the new revelations that I find it difficult to make my letter shorter.  I realize you are depending on letters from us to hear of the new things Yoneq is teaching.  Much encouragement is coming to the body through the teachings on the Sabbath.  There is so much to be said on the Sabbath, in fact our whole lives are focused on the Sabbath.  Apart from the Sabbath we will never know Him or His victory or His purpose for the age to come.” – Personal Correspondence, 1989.
“Dear Obadiah,
     I’m writing this letter to you in repentance for having been negligent to you and disobedient to writing to you about what Yoneq taught here.  I wish you could communicate my repentance to all those who were in the meeting in which he was hindered from teaching because of my disobedience.  I truly repent and desire that this letter would be true fruit of that repentance.” – Personal Correspondence from Yoceph, undated
“Dear Yoceph,
     I was truly honored to receive your letter.  I appreciate your heart and mind towards me.  What you wrote has been received and brought to Yoneq’s attention.  We receive your repentance and forgive you.” – Personal Correspondence from Obadiah, undated
“To all the places where Yahshua the Messiah is Sovereign:
     For the sake of everybody:
     A while ago Yoneq taught a teaching to the married men in Sus.  Yoceph was commissioned to communicate this teaching to Judah, in order to prepare us for the day when this teaching would be taught here.  Well, the day of the teaching came, but the letter hadn’t come yet.  As a result, or without the proper preparation, the teaching was hindered.  As this was brought to Yoceph’s attention, he immediately repented for his negligence by (sic) communicated his sorriness and by doing what he had been asked to do – writing this letter.  Since many of us had awareness of this matter and were affected by it, we wanted for the sake of your peace as well as for the sake of Yoceph’s peace to communicate his repentance to everybody.  A letter in which we let him know that we have received his repentance and forgive him is being sent to Yoceph.
     May what happened teach a good lesson to all of us.  May the right fear concerning negligence come to all of us, that we all might learn and increase.  The small word “immediately” in Matt. 25:16 as well as “in the same manner’ in verse 17 in the parable of the talents reveals the heart and attitude of those who increase.” – Personal Correspondence, undated

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