Twelve Tribes on US TV show 1994

The Twelve Tribes appear on the Jerry Springer Show. People looking to reunite with their loved ones members of this cult are on the show asking for help. Members defend their position. Show aired in March 1994. Video graciously provided by Brian Birmingham

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  1. This is ridiculous. The TT has no concept of what’s going on here. I first heard about them being on the Jerry Springer show from a “Tribal Leader” during one of their religious gatherings in Vista CA. sometime in 2015. He was talking as if it was some accomplishment of national recognition. What they didn’t realize then and what they clearly don’t realize now is that Jerry would find the most ludicrous members of society, lure them onto his show through empathy, and make a laughing stock out of them in front of the entire nation. This show only brings out for display the biggest jackasses on the earth and America used to tune in for the laughs and shock value.

    Man… In my time with them I came to see that they were extremely unintelligent people, but this is off the charts stupid. They got trolled so hard.

    It looks like they were exposed by Jerry to be liars and thieves in light of the FBI findings after all was said and done.

    I feel so bad for their children. They are such wonderful young people once you break through the fear and dysfunction.

    • I’m astonished that they put this video on their website. They clearly aren’t able to understand the difference between positive public relations and negative public relations, nor any idea of how shameful they are revealed to be in this show.

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