Twelve Tribes cult is withdrawing from Germany

Bayerischer Rundfunk
September 1, 2015
Translated from the German (Cheryl)
The controversial Bible-based cult Twelve Tribes will definitely leave their property in Klosterzimmern in the district of Donau-Ries and turn their backs on Germany said the spokesman Martin Muller.
The sect announced their decision at a press conference.
The community feels its rights to freedom of conscience are no longer relevant in Germany.  “We cannot just live here anymore, so we must go abroad.”
Member interview with Martin Muller
Moving to Czech Republic
Authorities believe the accused Twelve Tribes community received a fair trial.  Others criticized the length of the proceedings and the decision of the judiciary to refuse witnesses from among the community.
Perhaps the Twelve Tribes cult will feel comfortable in the Czech Republic where there is a community already.  According to Twelve Tribes lawyer, Michael Langhans the Tribes see no future for themselves in Germany.
Trial for child abuse
Several child abuse proceedings are pending before the family courts of Nördlingen and Ansbach (Middle Franconia).  In the summer of 2013 police and social workers raided the Twelve Tribes communities of Wörnitz and Klosterzimmern.  The police removed 40 children and then placed them in foster care and homes, after a TV report showed how the children were and are regularly thumped and bashed.
According to Langhans the Twelve Tribes lawyer, community members in the Czech Republic are able to home school their children.  There is still no date for the move to the Czech Republic, but it will probably occur in stages.

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