Totally broke, need assistance, family just came out of the TT

16472414_1480729263-3942Please go their Go Fund Me donation page:

My four kids and I began our lives in February, ending a 20+ years long experience in the The Twelve Tribes. Friends and family have been extremely helpful, but starting out financially has been difficult.Recently, someone we trusted crashed our car, and will not own up. Simple tasks like grocery shopping, doing laundry, even unexpected emergencies that may arise are strained, or impossible.Words cannot express our situation fully, other than we need you, our friends from the past, and those who have embraced us since we’ve left the The Twelve Tribes .
We want to say thank you in advance, because every little bit will count, and we know you love us and want to help.

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  1. HI! This is David Pike aka Nabashalam/Dahveed Yathed. I am one of the moderators here and also run the Go-Fund-Me Site for Those Escaping The TT Cult. Please email me at and we can go from there… :)

    • david,I left the ” tribes”.3 weeks ago with no sorrow nor regret this time.I am in my home which has spare rooms,2 of them.please let me know how I can 508-901-7096

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