They preach peace and torment their children

September 10, 2013
Translated from the German

It’s possible that the beatings continued despite the knowledge and supervision of the authorities. “We tried,” says District Rössle. But the children have said during interviews without their parents present that they were not beaten. He speaks of a “sinister influence” from the parents. The children have been taught that everyone in the District Office is evil.

Given the “appalling” images can Rössle “barely imagine” that the children will be returned to their parents. The parents custodial rights were provisionally witdrawn. The final decision will be made in the family courts in Nördlingen and Ansbach. Both want to begin later this week with the parents hearings.

Starting this Thursday all school-age children should attend state school. It is an open matter as to when the parents can see their children again. This will take place very carefully says Rössle. If anything, this will only be temporary and we will be present.” The Donauwörther youth office manager Alfred Kanth was stunned by the sight of the beatings. “They preach peace and torment their children.”

No one from the Twelve Tribes community in Klosterzimmern on Tuesday could be reached for comment. Under the telephone number for the community in Wörnitz, a man answered, but he declined to give his name. He described the TV report as a lie and a forgery. On its website, the sect writes that its children were snatched “from the loving and caring hands of parents.”

Also the Bavarian Ministry of culture on Tuesday only held a negative decision for the community. You may initially open a new private school. The group application for mid-August is not currently approved said spokesman Ludwig Unger. Teachers lack sufficient qualifications. In addition, the massive allegations against the faith community would have to be tested.

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