The Yellow Deli Twelve Tribes Communists

Source:  Nehemiah’s Wall

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Makor Hebrew Foundation, which allows me to create all the teachings found on I hope you enjoy this episode of Hebrew Voices and look forward to reading what you think about this co-operative life-style in the comments section below. Here is my conversation with the group that calls itself the “Twelve Tribes”.

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  1. I wish you guys would stop hating on the Twelve Tribes. They’re a beautiful people who I can’t wait to join.

  2. It’s not about hatred, it’s about them teaching bad things, and doing some wrong things, and never coming clean about it, and it’s been going on for years. Beautiful people can be badly deceived and taken advantage of. The Tribes teach that black people should still be slaves to white people, unless they join the Tribes to become forgiven and equal. Do you agree with this kind of racism? When i was in the Tribes, i was taught that Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. were evil men who deserved to die. And that it was a wonderful thing that black people could be brought to America to be slaves to white people. Read their Cham Teachings.
    Children are punished for imagination pretend play and are not allowed toys to play with, and are punished frequently for the most trial of offenses. Do you agree with this?
    Members are taught that they are the only true work of God in the whole world, and that they are the only people being truly saved by God, and that their communities are the only place where God’s Spirit dwells. Do you believe this? I do not believe these awful things. Their life and beliefs are cruel in some ways, but i agree with you that many, not all, of the people there are beautiful. Beautifully deceived and overworked to exhaustion. Many, not all, love God, even though they have the “Teachings” of a false apostle named Elbert Eugene Spriggs aka “Yoneq”. I enjoyed working together with the brothers when i was a Tribes member and cutting wood, working in the forest, and volleyball games, but i sensed something was spiritually wrong and all was not well in the cult and commune houses. They teach that Jesus is a demon of Christianity. They have a different Jesus. Once you join, according to their Teachings, if you ever leave, you will go to Death for 1000 years when you die, and possibly to the eternal Lake Of Fire. More lies. Only the truly obedient Twelve Tribes members will go to the eternal Holy City, and all other conscientious people will be outside serving them as the Nations/servants, or in the Lake Of Fire. More lies. If you read carefully through the New Testament, you can see how they have been misled into thinking they are the true Jews, which they are not. They don’t want to be Christian, but they use Christian Bibles and ignore what their apostle ignores in the Bible, and yet they are trying to be Jews, but they aren’t Jews and don’t come close to following the Torah. Jesus invites all people to be saved from their sins, and he never ever said we have to join the Tribes to go to the best Heaven.

  3. Most people who ever joined the Tribes, or who ever grew up in the Tribes, or who ever visited the Tribes have left over the years, and have never come back. We all have a true story to tell. Every experience is unique. Some are worse than others. But there are common denominators. No hatred. Just real life experiences of the good and bad in a communal cult that is beautiful in some ways, painful in some ways, true in some ways, deceitful in some ways, loving in some ways, and hateful in some ways. I knew it was false in some ways, when i first visited, but i kept coming back for a while for the brotherly love, friendship, and time together. I think that Satan must be proud of another well-intentioned human endeavor that he has corrupted and twisted over time. The truth is that a person can be saved by Jesus to the best Heaven without ever joining a religious commune or church or any organization of any kind. No has to join a Twelve Tribes to be loved by God or to be truly forgiven and saved by God.

    • Another Ex-Sucker

      I have never been more hated in my entire life. It was pure evil and they enjoyed everything they did to me. In fact, the only time I saw them smile was when they treated me in the worst possible ways and I took it in stride. Every single one of those miserable human beings went far out of their way to spiritually sodomize me. It has not been easy purging myself from the hatred they poured into me so consistently, but life is turning around now thanks to a bunch of atheists in the academic world.

      I can only speak according to what I saw and went through. This is my witness: The Twelve Tribes is demonic beyond imagination.

      • Agree 100%. Been years since we left. We were treated like dogshit because we were not generational involved. Your only allowed extra if your daddy or mommy know yoneg. The place is sick. And I dont know how they get away with it….oh wait money! No dad or CPS can deal with a million dollar industry. Poor babies are sooo sad and hungry in some homes.

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