The Baby Beating Sect!

Panorama – Germany
August 5, 2014
Translated from the German

The Twelve Tribes children are brutally beaten up in the name of the Lord. The sect “12 Tribes” makes for heated debate. A RTL report shows how the Bible-based Twelve Tribes cult systematically punishes its weakest members. Shocking!

RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk secretly documented everyday life in the “Twelve Tribes” community.

Blows, beatings , and more beatings – all in the name of the Lord! The television images were hard to bear and disturbing. Intolerable cruelty dominates the community.

Children are beaten physically and emotionally abused. This is very commonplace in the community. Even babies are abused! The Twelve Tribes children are thrashed everyday said former member Christian. This is normal for them. The Bible-based Twelve Tribes cult refuses to send its children to state schools. In just two days Wolfram Kuhnigk secretly recorded 84 lashes given to the children.

Particularly harrowing – even the Twelve Tribes babies fail to receive mercy from their parents in the matter of child discipline. When the baby is screaming, they receive a few strokes on the legs until they are totally quiet, said a 19 year old former member.

Middle Ages in the middle of Bavaria? The spanking sect (Twelve Tribes) was present in the Bavarian municipality of Deiningen. The secret recordings of Wolfram Kuhnigk led to a large scale police raid which removed 39 children from their parents and placed them in foster homes.

However, the members have not given up. They announced in a press conference they were making a formal complaint against the reporter but the public believes the report.

How do parents beat their children in the name of God?

The community was founded in the early 70s in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The members are a Bible-based cult of Christianity. Community members reject modern trends and influences and want to keep them away from their children. The Twelve Tribes lead very insular lives. Elders in each community direct the lives of the “sheep.” Of course, Elbert Spriggs is the “Apostle” and he tells the elders what he wants done. Power rules in the community, said a former member.

The Twelve Tribes operates an Internet blog despite its proclaimed rejection of technology. They described the former member’s comments as “cheap lies.”

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