Television reports about Twelve Tribes chastisements that occur routinely and almost daily

Focus Online

September 17, 2013
Translated from the German (Cheryl – web mistress)
The devil lurks in a distracted mind
If a child behaves foolishly he/she receives punishment.  Whoever daydreams in the classroom or who does not stand still during the one-hour prayer gatherings then the adult thrashes them.  Their parents remove misbehaving children to a safe and quiet room where no one especially visitors can hear the beat down of the child.  After three or four minutes the children return completely distraught and teary eyed, said RTL reporter Kuhnigk.  The cult members believe “whoever is distracted and fails to watch, he loses his concentration on God – and there lurks the devil, said Kuhnigk.
A few days ago, the police raided the Bavarian headquarters of the Bible-based Twelve Tribes cult.  Officials removed a total of 40 children and subsequently placed them in foster homes and families.
Authorities will conduct more interviews during the week. The case of the Twelve Tribes and its children is urgent, says Court head Helmut Beyschlag.

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