Tabitha’s Place: Former followers file complaint

November 24, 2006
Jean-Marc Ducos
Translated from the French (Cheryl – web mistress of Twelve
A family of five children, who lived for five years at Tabitha’s Place community in Sus, France, filed a complaint stating the cult abused them when they were at their weakest.  They lived a real ordeal before fleeing and were deprived of part of their property.
A shattered life.  The children are victims of major academic delay and the adults constantly thrash them.  When we joined the Twelve Tribes at Tabitha’s Place (Sus, France), we sold the family home.  We gave our bank accounts to the community but our loans were never repaid to our creditors.  Humiliation and punishment for breaking the rules.  We examined our lives at Tabitha’s Place between 1999 and 2004.  Tabitha’s Place sect is the center of a parliamentary inquiry.
For two years the justice of Pau reviewed the complaint of fraud and abuse of weakness of a refugee couple from Brittany against the Bible-based Tabitha’s Place cult.  They are a commune located in a mansion in Sus, France in the Atlantic Pyrenees that says they follow the “law of Abraham.”  Behind the facade is nothing but a fairy tale!
“We were admonished several times a day to sell our goods to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters, wrote the couple in a heart-rending letter.
In 1990, Loic a craftsman shoemaker had the desire to change his life.   The Apostolic Order or Tabitha’s Place sect seduced Loic and his wife and they spent five years living on an organic farm before becoming disillusioned.  Before entering the cult, the couple placed in an account the proceeds of the sale of their home – about $200,000 Euros.
Every day, an elder from the community asked them to buy the Tribes a car in Paris where the sect was planning to establish a store.  The couple has never recovered any money and its checkbook and credit card were confiscated.
While living at Tabitha’s Place cult, elders consistently read my mail, said Loic.  Members must obey and relinquish their privacy because the pressure is progressive and intense.  The old shoemaker occupied his time taking care of the vegetable garden, the poultry house and washing the dishes.  Since Loic has lived in the community he never earned a salary.  Usually an incident will cause Tribes members to leave.
The cult must authorize such things as attending a family celebration, graduation, birthday party or anniversary.  The sect believes that the more time a community member spends “outside” in the world they become unclean.  Upon their return, for two months the husband and wife are rigorously questioned.  Meanwhile, children are trounced with a rod!
More pressures
The couple fled from Tabitha’s Place one night in the summer of 2004 and it took much courage.  The father now lives on French social welfare and tries to find work training.  The couple’s children suffer according to ADFI, important educational delay and must take intensive remedial courses.  The family and its children regularly visit a psychologist.  According to Loic’s wife, many sect children are often transferred from one community to another.  She noted that a German family hurriedly left Sus and Tabitha’s Place after the death of a child.  Elder Olivier Lambert denied that Twelve Tribes children are hidden.

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