Tabitha’s Place and the death of baby Raphael

Humanity Presse
February 26, 2000
No one knows how many minors live in this community of Sus, France.  Since the investigation, the social workers intervene for a few of the children.
On April 4, 1997, Raphael Ginhoux died at the age of 19 months in the Angous farm near the Pyrenees.  The child weighed 10 pounds and suffered from rhino-pharyngitis, bronchitis.
The parents refused medical treatment for their child and as a result baby Raphael died.  The cult doctor Joga, examined the child a few days before his death and said he was fine.  The child had an abnormal heart and doctor’s could have successfully operated on him.  The autopsy concluded that the child suffered from malnourishment.
In 1998, two cult elders Guillaume Joga and Olivier Lambert were indicted for endangering a person and aiding in the death of same.  (Today the 2 elders are both deceased).

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