Twelve Tribes child abuse: After The Raid 1


This documentary is post-raid in Bavaria in September 2013 where the authorities took 40 children into state custody away from the 12 Tribes communities. It recaps the events that lead to the raid and brings us insight into the childtraining methods practised in this international group that call themselves the Twelve Tribes of Israel or Messianic Communities. We get to hear from ex-members some of whom grew up under these cruel methods which the bavarian state has determined amount to childabuse.

After the raid 2 Video with English subtitles == >> Click here


One Comment On “Twelve Tribes child abuse: After The Raid 1”

  1. Keep up the great work Dr Jo!!! :) Is Canada actually going to kick them out of the country for using the “rod” on their children everyday all day long???

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