Raid on Twelve Tribes sect – RTL reporter provides evidence of child abuse

RTL- Aktuell

September 9, 2013
Translated from the German

“I was stunned by what I saw.”

Fear, isolation and beatings – RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk was able to uncover the suffering of the Twelve Tribes sect children. Thanks to him, the police freed the children.

150 Twelve Tribes members live seemingly peaceful lives in a secluded former monastery in the Bavarian village of Deiningen. But that peace is deceptive. At 6:00 a.m. the police in a large operation raided the “Twelve Tribes” community and removed 40 children. The police delivered the children to the youth welfare office. Spanking and punishment should have been the order of the day. So far, conclusive evidence is elusive. This time, RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk supplied damaging evidence. For months he secretly filmed the sect.

“I was simply stunned, but everything came to light,” said Kuhnigk. In public, the Twelve Tribes sect keeps a low profile and they are friendly, but behind the perfect facade they are different. Tribes members are afraid of getting kicked out of the community, therefore they support the system of thrashing and pummeling the children. RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk has repeatedly and secretly smuggled hidden cameras onto the Twelve Tribes property. We see how the parents and other baptized members brutally beat young children with sticks. The abusers are emotionless and cold. During his undercover research Wolfram Kuhnigk discovered a child training manual which expressly indicated that physical pain is an integral part of education for the Twelve Tribes children. The children are raised in an environment of fear, thrashings and social isolation. This is the norm. The Bible-based cult “Twelve Tribes” wants to break the will of the children while they are young thus making them docile members. The cult leader, Elbert Eugene Spriggs recommends the rod of instruction for particularly strong-willed children.

The 150 German members of the international Bible-based cult “Twelve Tribes” – believe they are following the tradition of the first Christians. A theological examination of the “Twelve Tribes” teachings reveals that their leader, Elbert Spriggs seriously twists and distorts the Scriptures. They are not theologically orthodox! In fact, the community deviates from orthodoxy on several key points! Don’t be fooled.

The community suppresses worldly influences.

They teach the children that Blacks, homosexuals and women belong to an inferior race.

Thee authorities have targeted the “Twelve Tribes” for a long time. The Bible-based cult “Twelve Tribes” is in the headlines again and the authorities have noticed them. In addition to child abuse and racist teaching, Twelve Tribes members argue against compulsory school attendance for their children. The evidence of child abuse has solidified in August, the authorities said.

The “Twelve Tribes” refused to send their children to state-approved schools. Twelve Tribes members don’t teach their children about sex education and the Theory of Evolution. Therefore, they claimed “reasons of conscience.” The fathers even accepted incarceration.

As a result, the Bavarian Ministry of Education approved a private school within the monastery walls. The authorities closed the private school after the state-approved teacher left.

The German authorities require the children to visit government schools next week or other approved schools.

A police spokesman said 40 boys and girls from the community in Deiningen are currently in the custody of the Youth Welfare Office. According to District Court Director Helmut Beyschlag, the Twelve Tribe parents suffered a temporary loss of parental custody because “the welfare of their children was seriously threatened.” The family court needed to act for the protection of the children. The parents strongly opposed the police action. “We are glad that everything has occurred so rationally” said Ludwig Zausinger, spokesman for the Augsburg police.

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