Plymouth ZBA grants permits for Twelve Tribes’ Main Street project

The Twelve Tribes is planning a cafe, additional retail space, a private theater and a courtyard complex at its Main Street location.The Twelve Tribes is planning a cafe, additional retail space, a private theater and a courtyard complex at its Main Street location. Wicked Local file photo

Source: Wicked Local Plymoputh – 9th March 2015

By Emily Clark
Posted Mar. 9, 2015 at 8:00 AM

PLYMOUTH – A new two-story café, another store, a private theater and a connecting courtyard – that’s what’s heading to downtown Plymouth, at 53-57 and 59-61 Main St.

Twelve Tribes plans to renovate and transform this block into thriving businesses that many say will enhance the downtown experience.

The Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve the Twelve Tribes’ request for a waiver and special permit to allow the project to move forward.

“I’m very much in favor,” ZBA member David Peck said. “It’s going to be an asset to the downtown.”

The proposed theater will be located in the back of the two-story café, and will feature a connecting courtyard that extends to the rear of the existing Blue Blinds Bakery, at 7 North St., which is also owned and operated by the Twelve Tribes. The existing attic area at the Main Street site, located next to Common Sense, will be converted to residences for Twelve Tribes members, including a common area.

The Main Street building in question is the former home of Stevens the Florist.

Twelve Tribes also plans to cut an alleyway on Main Street between the Twelve Tribes’ store Common Sense and the proposed new café, creating a walkway that connects to the courtyard.

The ZBA also approved a plan to extend the existing 42-foot-tower on the building to 48 feet, as long as the tower will never be used for living space.

The board also opted to grant a parking waiver, since the proposed uses will generate the need for 71 spaces, while the buildings are grandfathered for 90 spaces, well above the number needed.

ZBA member Bill Keohan noted that the Twelve Tribes elects to make payments in lieu of taxes to the town, even though the group doesn’t have to, since religious organizations are exempt from property taxes. The church pays the town $40,000 each year.

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2 Comments On “Plymouth ZBA grants permits for Twelve Tribes’ Main Street project”

  1. This all looks very innocent & a good deal for the for the town.
    YOU ARE WRONG!! this is not about the town, this is about attracting new members to a life of servitude.

  2. They don’t class themselves as a religious group or seek tax exemptions
    So they are not accountable to anyone & especially government agencies.

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