Letter in defense of Roger and Joellen Griffin

Letter to Community Member,

After reading the letters of Obadiah to Roger and Joellen Griffin, I can’t help but express my disappointment with the narrow minded judgments based on flawed (at best) teachings of Yoneq concerning those who leave the Community.
Why didn’t you also publish the letters that Roger and Joellen wrote to you?  Were you afraid of what they would reveal?  Did you know they would open yourself to the same kind of judgments you issued on them?
Inherent in these judgments are the very one-sided assumptions that you know the truth and that everyone who made the same covenant as you, but who were driven out of the Community because of lies, manipulation and sometimes diabolical persecution and torture.  These persons are not “honest with themselves” and “living in a sinful denial of the truth.”
This is a great LIE, and you, the community, will never create the Kingdom you talk about because YOUR eyes are blinded from the truth because of your spiritual pride and self-deception.  [But elders like Caleb Long already know this in their hearts and are hiding their shame.  I know that Caleb will most likely read this email because he is addicted to the Internet].
Who are you to judge what is in Roger and Joellen’s hearts?  You cannot see the truth because you are deceived.  Your leaders have deceived you.  The leaders do not live like other disciples, but live a privileged, protected, elitist and comparatively financially abundant, free-wheeling, world-traveling lifestyle …. Never accountable even to the government authorities of the nations for the deeds you have done.  Yoneq and Ha-emeq are showered with generosity in sharp contrast to the lowliest disciples in households around the world in communities that suffer from deprivation and silence.
If Yoneq were in fact the apostle that you believe him to be, why has he not surrendered himself to the FBI for the crimes he has committed?  Even if he were innocent as the driven snow, (which he is most certainly NOT!), why has he not submitted his body to be abused and share in the sufferings of Messiah?   If he were just like the apostle Paul (or Shaul, as you refer to him), why is he not writing his epistles from prison as Paul did, rejoicing always in the love of Yahshua?  The reason is because he is accountable to no one and the foolish sheep continue to protect the ravenous wolves within their midst, the foremost of whom is Yoneq “The Sprig” upon which your vine, which you call the Edah is propagated from.
Although I wrote to him and his wife in the agony and soul-searching of my banishment in 1995, neither of them ever deigned from their royal throne to so much as send me one line in reply ….choosing to simply ignore me and proceeding to actually publish teachings against me and “my kind,” taught vigorously in the communities around the world.  Is that HONESTY?  Is that LOVE?  Is that the expression of YHWH on the earth?  Is that the spirit that will usher in the sovereign reign of the so-called Twelve Tribes, ruling and reigning with Messiah?
I also visited with Obadiah and Almah when they were in California in 2004, and when I wrote to those at Morning Star Ranch, not a single person replied.  When I visited, it was not to argue, but to show the Community that I still love them.  I was happy to see people that I still knew like Hilkyah and Segollah who refused to answer my greetings or even look me in the eye.  Rachel’s wife Miriam, someone I always loved and admired, gave a special teaching to her training group the day my husband and I visited.  Miriam instructed her training group of children to never tell outsiders anything, nor express friendship and to never trust outsiders.  In short, it was poisonous lies.   But you are blind to real love because you have not yet experienced real love.  The only love you experience is judgmental, conditional and unholy.
You have created another version of the Roman Catholic Church, riddled with all the same demons and vampires, hiding sexual immorality and depravity just as the Catholic Church has always done.
It is a lie that those who have left the Community were never “of us.”  We made the same covenant as other disciples.  Honesty demanded that we could no longer support a life that was a lie ….. not our lives but the Community “Life.”  In Freepapers you decry the lack of honesty in the world and offer people a way to escape the lies and live an honest life in peace and harmony …. a family-centered, Yahshua-centered life.  In reality the Community rips families apart, dividing them like spoils among the vultures, forcing a man to choose the Elders over his own wife and children …. torturing him and his own wife and children.  The elders test the man’s loyalty in a clearly secular, psychological, inquisitional and misogynistic competition.
This ages the men in the Community because these poor men are separated from their mates and made to “rule over her” without regard to its effect on themselves.
The community women are riddled with disease, depression and exhaustion and your elders don’t know why Yahshua won’t heal them.  When I tried to discuss this with Almah, she could only say, “I wish our Master Yahshua could heal everyone.”  And yet you say that the community is the only place on earth where Ruach ha’Qodesh truly resides.  If you had the Holy Spirit there would be no weak or sick among you and people who visit you would be spontaneously healed because of your compassion.  You are nothing more than Christians in sus pants, and it gives me no pleasure to write this to you.
You have stoned the prophets in your midst just like the Israelites of old, and you have murdered innocent lambs.  [My daughters still have nightmares about Ben Nabiy and his orgiastic murder of sheep right before the children’s eyes in St. Joseph, Missouri community].
You are storing up a huge surplus of judgment on your own heads.  However, I want you to know that I love you and always will. I know the cost of love and I continue to pay that cost every day of my life.  My covenant was and is genuine.  It is not I who failed the covenant, but the Community who breached that same covenant in its rejection of all of us sons and daughters.

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