How are the women viewed and treated in the Twelve Tribes???

The married women in the community give birth every 9 to 12 months just like e-z bake ovens because they are not allowed to use contraception!
Michael Painter (Former member) – “I’ve seen 20 year old women get married give birth to 5 or 6 babies before their 30th birthday and then look 50 because of the stress and strain of producing so many children.  Elbert wrote an actual teaching called “”Be fruitful and multiply.”
It is very safe to say that the primary role of married women is that of Baby Maker!!!!  James Howell (Former member) – “The community is the worst place for women since ancient China.  They are derogated because what they say and do is unimportant.”
Michael Painter (Former member) – “Though they say their women are the most liberated on the face of the earth, they are really subservient to the men in the Community.”
“The women of the Tribes voluntarily subjugate themselves to the men (husbands, fathers, Yoneq) simply because they are male – a “brotherhood” who believe God granted them superiority by virtue of their penises.” Source – “Beyond cult controversy: the mate peddlers of the Twelve Tribes”
“The women of the Twelve Tribes submit to the authority and judgment of not just their husbands and fathers, but all the men in the Community.  Clearly following more than Yahshua (Jesus), they live by the rules and standards established by a single man, supported in turn by a colony of men.”
“They submit to the will and doctrine of The Apostle.”  Source – Beyond cult controversy: the mate peddlers of the Twelve Tribes”
The women occupy the secondary role of household cleaner and cook.  The women routinely prepare meals for 40 – 50 people.  In addition, the women also must wash loads of daily laundry and hand wash piles of filthy crappy diapers!  They also watch and care for the children in addition to their daily chores.
Another area where the young women find themselves enslaved are the various Yellow Deli’s and the Common Ground Bakeries/Mate Factor Cafes were the young women “work” 60 to 70 hours a week and receive no tips, pay or health insurance, or workers compensation.
If your name is Jeane Swantko Wiseman – you hold the important position of lawyer for the Twelve Tribes.  You receive your own private insurance. (Witnessed by web mistress Cheryl L.)!  She goes to her own doctor and receives prescription medication for insulin (witnessed by web mistress Cheryl L.)  Many other members of the Twelve Tribes who do not occupy such an important position as Ms. Swantko are routinely denied medical treatment and prescriptions.
The Tribes forbids its members from taking medication (except if your name is Jeane Swantko Wiseman).  Over a ten year period, one sister was forced to stop taking her medication for manic depression which resulted in irrational behavior.  Repeatedly dumped at homeless shelters and cheap hotels, the elders insisted that her condition was the result of rebellion and unconfessed sin.
Several months later, she returned to the Community amid promises from the shepherd “Aquila the Gorilla” (Ricky Kendricks) (Truly a gorilla – witnessed by Cheryl L) that they would never again ask her to leave.  Sometime later, a brother substituted a strong Tribe produced St. John’s Wort tincture for her prescribed medication.  As a result, she suffered from insomnia for four days.  Once again, Al Jayne (another elder) ditched the penniless sister at a hotel and told her “I guess the last nine or ten years have been a real waste.”
Women do not participate in tribal government.
Women in the community really suffer while working in the kitchen.  While the men buy new tools from Home Depot, the women must chop cabbage and shred carrots by hand because they lack a food processor.  They constantly cut their fingers on the very dull knives they must use.  They must use temperamental old washers and dryers and hang out the laundry by hand.  Because they refuse to install a dishwasher, the sheep (women) must wash piles of dirty dishes.  A drinking fountain would eliminate the need to wash 400 glasses each day.
The women of the Twelve Tribes clearly are second class citizens because what they say and what they do is not valued!  Don’t let them fool you.  I am a former member who lived with them for 2 1/2 years.  I know the inside scoop! (Just a word of caution – Keep your young girls away from Aquila the Gorilla (Ricky Kendricks) – he raped his own daughter and two other TT girls.  See “On the seventh day he violated me”.)

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