D.A. declines to file charges in religious group ‘brainwashing’ case

Source: LA Times 15 June 2015


The San Diego County district attorney’s office announced Monday it has decided not to file charges against three people arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a relative from the Twelve Tribes Community/Church in Vista,


AT 9:04 AM JUNE 16, 2015

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, on June 6, announced that it had arrested three people on suspicion of kidnapping a 23-year-old relative whom they feared was being “brainwashed” by the devoutly religious group.

The arrests occurred after what deputies initially thought was a hit-and-run incident.

Twelve Tribes is a religious community whose members live in a house in Vista, which also serves as a church. Others live on a 66-acre avocado ranch in Valley Center. The group also runs the Yellow Deli in Vista and its members are often seen at farmers markets selling produce.

Within hours of the arrests, Twelve Tribes identified the person who was allegedly kidnapped as Robert Martinez and said that he “became a part of our community almost five years ago.”


  • These so called “churches” are nothing more than “predators”. Another example of how America has over glorified the “religious freedom” concept and amendment.



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