Court: Sect children remain in foster care

Translated from the German

The District Court of Ansbach has confirmed that some of the Twelve Tribes children continue to remain in foster care. In Nördlingen the courts have failed to render a decision.

As far as the custody battle for the Twelve Tribes sect children, the district court Ansbach has decided that the children should still remain in foster care. Because of the beating allegations against the faith community it has been decided that the sect children should remain housed in foster care. The District Court of Ansbach announced this on Tuesday confirming the provisional withdrawal of parental authority for the children.

According to the court, it also aims to have an expert family psychologist examine the children. “This will take several months to complete,” said District Court Director Gudrun Lehnberger.

Faith Community Twelve Tribes

The Twelve Tribes are a Bible-based cult which was founded in the 70s in the United States.

An RTL journalist (Wolfram Kuhnigk) furnished video footage of child abuse t

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