Cleveland woman identified as victim of Highway 60 fatal

William Hinchcliffe, member of the Twelve Tribes
WDEF News 12
May 22, 2008
A News 12 update now on Wednesday’s fatal crash on Highway 60 near the Hamilton-Bradley County line.
The Tennessee Highway patrol says alcohol played a role in the crash that claimed the life of 20 year old amber Brown of Cleveland.
Troopers say a car driven by William Hinchcliffe crossed the center line hitting Brown’s vehicle.  Charges are pending against Hinchcliffe, who was hospitalized with undisclosed injuries.

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  1. Amber Crisman says:
    August 5, 2010 at 4:56 pm
    I was wondering if anyone had any new information on the Bill Hinchcliffe matter, where he was involved in an accident on May 21, 2008? Or if anyone who claimed to previously have information would be willing to talk to me about where that information came from? That was my daughter he killed and for the record his blood alcohol level was .23 and he was sentenced to only 8 years in prison. What really bothers me and her mother (my ex-wife) is that no one from the Twelve Tribes has ever called or visited us to apologize or try to give us some information on why he was driving drunk (.23 BAC) at 11:15 a.m. in Cleveland ,Tennessee when he was supposed to be on a job in Chattanooga, Tennessee – over 30 miles away from where the accident occurred.
    If anyone has any information that they would like to share with us on Bill Hinchcliffe please, please message via this forum. It would have been the responsibility of the elders to make a point to visit us and try to comfort us and apologize for his actions yet we’ve never heard from anyone. We have also gotten the run-around from the company he worked for in Savannah, Georgia which was called Commonwealth Construction of Georgia. There has still been no contact nor any resolution for the family for Hinchcliffe’s actions. There has been no settlement of any kind, and information to the contrary is false a lie.
    I have information that Bill Hinchcliffe was a known drunk within the tribe and had a alcohol problem. We heard at one time he had to have a chauffeur to take him to work and pick him up because his drinking problem was so severe. Any information will be helpful and greatly appreciated.
    At the time of my daughter’s death I was taking chemo for lymph node cancer. She was running my business as well as sharing responsibilities with my wife taking me back and forth for my chemo treatments, working a second shift job and raising her son. She left the office at around 10:45 a.m. that day to go to her second job, she was a beautician. Needless to say I had to attend the funeral so sick from cancer and wondering how I was going to continue treatments and keep the company going which employed 5 people without her. I got through it by the grace of God.
    She graduated beautician school in 2007 and had established a large clientele and which was still growing at the time of the accident. She left behind a three year old son (my only grand child) who still to this day asks when mommy is coming home. If you have ever lost a child then you know how we feel, and if you haven’t well then I just pray to God that no one else ever has to lose a child. There are no words to explain the feeling, even over a year later it hasn’t got any easier and I am sure it never will. All her mother and I want is for Amber’s son to be taken care of financially for the rest of his life. His dead-beat dad left the state right after he was born and has had no contact with him and wants to give up rights to keep from paying child support. A few months after the accident the company (Commonwealth of Savannah Georgia) offered us a very small amount and said that is all the insurance the company had which I assume it was the auto insurance they were talking about. It was insulting, and since then we’ve had no further attempts to situate things.
    After doing some research and asking questions about the 12 tribes I found out that they are very secretive and do anything to keep from paying money for anything other than things that benefit Elbert Eugene Spriggs and his luxurious lifestyle. From what I have found he has a lot of assets all over the world but claims to have no money. I own a small company myself and I have to carry 2 million dollars insurance for such reasons as liability – without this I can’t operate at all. And I will tell you this , if one of my employees was involved in an auto accident and was drunk or drugged up and claimed the life of anyone he would be immediately terminated and I would hope my entire 2 million dollar insurance policy would go directly to the family. The money doesn’t make your heart feel better nor does it bring back the person killed but it helps pay any bills or helps the children, if there are any, through school and college without having to struggle.
    We want our grandson to be taken care of by the people responsible for taking his mother away from him. By Eugene Spriggs and whoever else was directly invovled in Bill Hinchcliffe being in Cleveland, Tennessee rather than Chattanooga where he had pulled permits and was doing work. He was supposed to be working at a daycare where the last two employees supposedly forgot to put a relief valve in a water line, instead they were sent somewhere else to work and Bill Hinchcliff was sent here to fix their problem which they could have done in a couple of hours. Because of this ridiculous decision our daughter is no longer with us and left behind a beautiful 3 year old son who will have to depend on my ex-wife and myself to raise him and provide for him until he is grown and can make it on his own. Hopefully we can afford to send him to college so he won’t have to struggle the rest of his life with no mom or dad to turn to.
    Thank you for taking time to read this and if you have any information,hopefully you will find it in your heart to come forth and help us get the information we need to prove Bill Hinchcliff had a problem with alcohol and the company knew it but turned their heads the other way just to keep Bill working to make money for the company. The ones who supposedly knew Bill and assigned his work gave depositions to my attorney and said Bill did not drink alcohol and had no previous problems with alcohol but we have heard otherwise. I heard one of the big things that was taught was not to lie, yet I feel that is all we have gotten is lies from the ones that have already testified. Please, if you have any information on Bill Hinchcliffe we need to know so Eugene (Bucky) Spriggs and the twelve tribes can be held responsible for his employees actions – for their actions, by putting him on the road knowing their “Brother” had this problem,. From what we hear Mr. Spriggs lives a lavish lifestyle and owns assets all over the world but has learned how to hide them in situations like this.
    The Late Amber Brown’s Dad,71446,72385

  2. Ok so I’m Bill Hinchliffes youngest daughter. I was 21 years old when my dad got in the accident. Number one my family could never express to yall how sorry we are for what happened, and how we would give anything in this world to change what happened. That being said I resent a few things that u said about my dad. The fact that you said he only got eight years. Do your research. Eight years is an astronomical sentence for a drunk driving accident. Especially for someone who has no priors. Also my dad has no record of being an alcoholic. My dad turned himself in as soon as the warrant was issued for his arrest. Also he refused a trial and took the first deal the prosecutor offered him. Obviously not trying to do anything but take responsibility for his actions. So u should go talk to the prosecutor about why he got the eight year sentence. Also my dad never once had a chauffer to and from work. Be careful who ur information comes from. Nine times out ten they are all haters. Mr. Brown I’m not making light of what my dad did but those are the facts. And it bothers me when I read certain things because I will be the first person to criticize my dad. But the fact of the matter is he took responsibility for his actions. Again I’m so sorry for ur loss.

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