Children are systematically beaten – sect still speaks of “movie filled with cheap lies.”

August 5, 2014
Translated from the German

The parents and “teachers” of the Bible-based Twelve Tribes cult regularly beat their children in the name of religion. This is systematic child abuse in the Bavarian countryside.

RTL- Reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk made recordings last year with a hidden camera of the Twelve Tribes sect in Klosterzimmern. His film shows various children in a dark basement room who were beaten with a rod on the bare bottom.

Last September, RTL showed the oppressive recordings for the first time – and then a large scale police raid followed of the Twelve Tribes facilities in Klosterzimmern and Deiningen. Forty children were removed from their parents and placed with foster families.

Cult speaks of false testimony

Hastily the “12 Tribes” announced a press conference. They have filed a complaint against reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk for false testimony. A lawyer said the reporter manipulated “the time stamp” of the recordings.

The cult sees itself in the role of victim. On its website, the “12 Tribes” describes the film of Wolfram Kuhnigk as a “movie filled with cheap lies.”

Reporter Kuhnigk said: “I take that as a desperate attempt from the tribes to divert attention from the child abuse and violence against children. Nothing more.”

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