‘Bakery cult,’ or disgruntled ex-employee?

Source: Boston Globe.com
By Globe Staff 

Controversial posts on the Facebook page of Blue Blinds Bakery in Plymouth appear to be the work of a former employee.

“We’re pretty well aware of it,” said Lev Bryant, who works at the bakery.

Bryant said a former employee, whom he did not identify, created the bakery’s Facebook page a while ago to promote the business, but soon started posting notes casting aspersions on the bakery’s owners, a Christian group called Twelve Tribes.

“In the last three weeks,” said Bryant, “the person started using the page to slander us or something.”

On July 7, a post on the bakery’s Facebook page read: “As promised, let’s talk about the blacks! One of the most frequent questions we get is, ‘Are you racist?’ the answer is no. But we do believe that slavery is necessary. There’s a difference.”

A post on Sunday characterized Twelve Tribes as a cult and alleged it mistreats children: “There is an intense amount of psychological and physical abuse that goes on behind the walls of the Bakery that makes your favourite muffins.”

Bryant told us the bakery, which opened eight years ago, is “doing what we can do at this point in terms of talking to lawyers,” but he doesn’t think the Facebook posts are affecting business.

“All of the regulars know us pretty well,” he said. “It takes people a half a second to read that stuff and know it’s off the wall.”

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47 Comments from the public
  • renesimard07/11/16 06:14 PM
    Strong work by the Globe, reading an article on Universal Hub about an article in Boston Magazine, and then finally writing an article about it.
  • Intro7207/11/16 07:25 PM
    Make it 13 Tribes and you’ve got a baker’s dozen.
  • Pollepel07/11/16 07:38 PM
    Surprised that the Globe would dignify these Facebook rantings with an article.
    • SouthCoast3407/11/16 08:39 PM
      This is a new low for the Globe, and that is saying a lot.If this attack by a former employee were against anyone but conservatives and Christians, the Globe would be outraged that someone would hijack a Facebook page to attack a small business.Instead, reading this article has the tone of “The feel-good story of the day.”

    • BeeJayDee07/11/16 09:39 PM
      Southcoast, I’m not too sure how many Christians or conservatives would agree with 12 Tribes founder’s statements about how slavery is the only way some people can be productive members of society!Yeah, slow night so I looked up the group…
    • FransBevy07/12/16 08:57 AM
      Are you defending child abuse again, SouthCoast?
    • Fireb1rd07/12/16 03:56 PM
      Ahh, Southcoast. Our favorite defender of Catholic pedophile priests talks about how “low” the Globe can go.
  • b2107/11/16 08:11 PM
    Facebook rantings or not I hope their baked goods are better than their crazy religious views. Take a look at twelve tribes.com and come to your own conclusions! These folk sound pretty close to drinking the proverbial Koolaid!
  • FinMcCool07/11/16 08:15 PM
    Why do people think these accusations are far fetched? twelve tribes has operated businesses in the greater Boston area. has anyone ever had tea on their bus before?
    • Pollepel07/11/16 09:46 PM
      Tea on their bus?
    • FinMcCool07/11/16 11:00 PM
      Twelve Tribes has a bus (essentially an RV) that travels the country, visiting concerts and other events in attempt to recruit new members. Part of the ‘sell to join’ normally involves being invited on the bus to drink tea. Happened to me at SPAC in 2010.
    • cls7807/12/16 05:55 AM
      Yes it is the whole recruiting thing that makes if feel like a cult.
    • Effrontery07/12/16 08:02 AM
      In addition to the recruiting thing, it’s misogyny thing and the racist thing and the psychological-abuse-you-can’t-leave thing that makes it feel like a cult.
  • user_204129807/11/16 08:24 PM
    they used to own the bakery in Fields Corner too – Common Ground. Definitely a weird group that has been investigated by DCF for child abuse in Plymouth about ten years ago. a cult for sure.
  • user_204129807/11/16 08:24 PM
    Lower Mills in Dorchester- not Fields Corner.
  • Cfood07/11/16 08:54 PM
    It’s not just the baked goods that are loaded with nuts.
  • DarnSure07/11/16 08:55 PM
    Men who mentally believe they can declare themselves women and vice versa, we treat as stalwarts of society. Christians running a bakery ….EEEEUUUU! You have to love Massachusetts values.
    • Intro7207/11/16 09:18 PM
      As opposed to physically believe?
    • noaffiliation07/11/16 11:35 PM
      Not Christians running a bakery, though. It’s a crazy lunatic fringe cult that professes the benefits of slavery, among many other radical and abusive positions and practices.
  • MattsonK07/11/16 09:26 PM
    Really? Destroy a business because of disgruntled employee/member? Could the Globe possibly understand why would they post such insane postings to ruin a business they have worked years to build?
    Common sense….where is it?Because these owners are from a religion group – we get to make up things about them and then splash it on the front page? Rag paper. Low blow gossip. No facts.
    Bully bully bully and pure judgement.
    • notthatitmatters07/11/16 10:16 PM
      Why don’t you do some research, maybe learn something about the situation before spouting off? There are no “employees”, because employees get paid for working. This is a guy who was raised in this cult and got out.
    • noaffiliation07/11/16 11:39 PM
      MattsonK, you do realize this group is a pro-communism religious cult, and the “disgruntled employee” was some one raised in the cult, abused by the cult, and then escaped. But nice to see you stand up for the pro-communism, pro-child abuse people.
    • MattsonK07/12/16 06:52 AM
      notthatitmatters…..read the title.
      Talk about facts, truth and attack. What’s your feelings about the Pilgrims? Founding fathers? They were a cult, too? Communism? Yup, that’s right….exactly like our first founders of this Country yet they killed almost all the Native American’s that were here first.
      And, to this day we attack anyone like them.
    • MattsonK07/12/16 07:09 AM
      And, if You did your research you’d see not a single charge against this group has brought a guilty charge. …none. Supreme Court included.
    • Effrontery07/12/16 08:18 AM
      Mattson, have you ever encountered them? They really are a cult. The problem with the article is that it doesn’t go far enough in describing the child abuse, child labor, illegal denial of education under the guise of “homeschooling,” abuse of women, forced labor, and confiscation of members’ property and money.But the tea is lovely.
    • angryandbroke07/12/16 10:12 AM
      High priced lawyers can make a lot of things go away in court and the Twelve Tribes are a very rich organization. OJ was found innocent too.

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