A former Twelve Tribes member reports – All children are pelted

Pro Medienmagazin
October 10, 2013
Translated from the German.
Today nightmares and paralysis torment his life as the darkness is difficult to bear because the memories return just as fresh like the day it happened.  The newspapers portrayed in its latest issues two former Twelve Tribes members who recounted a large part of their childhood in the clutches of the cult.
While the anonymous 17 year old former Twelve Tribes member depicts the worst oppression in addition to the systematic beatings, the children were forced to work in cult owned cottage industries.  The sect also performed its own circumcisions, according to Süddeutsche editor Stefan Mayr.
The cult was founded in 1972 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.  ***The members slavishly obey the writings of its “Apostle” and founder Elbert Eugene Spriggs or else risk shunning or excommunication.
A seemingly peaceful world
At the former monastery in Klosterzimmern in the Bavarian district of Donau-Ries one dives into a “different, seemingly peaceful world.”  However, on September 5, 2013, the police raided the Twelve Tribes community at Klosterzimmern based on the smuggled images of RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk.  The video showed how sect members  batter their children with willow branches on the bare bottom so the police subsequently removed 40 children and placed them in the care of foster families and homes.  Twelve Tribes parents lost their parental rights.
He said that children were forced to work without pay or insurance more than ten hours a day.  Often they had to install solar panels.  It is interesting on the Klosterzimmern address they installed photovoltaic systems and their sales figures are very good.
Cat and mouse game with authorities
Peter the former Twelve Tribes member says, “They attract the next generation of workers as they break the will of the individual.”  They have played a cat and mouse game with the authorities for a long time.  School fines were not paid and they failed to send their children to public schools.
The education methods of the Twelve Tribes is a sensitive issue.  Their “teachers” are professionally unqualified to teach!  Although authorities have heard about flagellation allegations for a long time, the authorities have only visited the Twelve tribes cult once or twice.  Medical chaos reigns at the Twelve Tribes for all treatments.  It’s always the same person responsible – they are unqualified.

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