12 Tribes 2015 Spanish TV documentary (ENG. subtitles)

Complete documentary can be seen here

Source:La Sexta, 17 April 2015

Transcript of video in English: link here

The Twelve Tribes, a sect under scrutiny for child abuse is across all Europe.

This religious community originated in France. They keep their children unschooled, isolated, not allowing them to come out of the community.

They scream when the police tries and rescue them from their own parents. They are the 40 children from a religious community, the Twelve Tribes. The agents do not hesitate. All have seen the video in which one can see a mother and her daughter go into the punishment room. She beats her with a wooden rod until the girl says what she wants her to say. The German government took their custody away because they are endangering the mental wellbeing of their children.

We have found a community of the 12 T. in Spain. We look to find their refuge, the place they live as the first christians, following the Bible and awaiting the return of the Messiah.

We witness there are children in the Spanish community.

All men have to wear a ponytail and to join they had to give up their jobs and give over all their possessions. Their businesses are the exception to their isolation. They operate in our country through 5 cooperative enterprises, but their businesses are across the globe. Cafes, bakeries, shops…it is a multinational holding with its views on Spain.

There is only one way to see how the children live in the 12 T. in Spain: infiltrating oneself. A journalist lives with them for a few days and she takes pictures of minors using dangerous machinery.

We have looked to find a husband who decides to leave the community with his children. Two of his three children were born in the community. Only now, years after leaving the community does he admit beating his children with a wooden stick to discipline them.

We cross the border looking for the origins of the 12 T. in France, the biggest community in Europe. From their castle the group extends itself unto the rest of Europe.

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