Quotes confirming Spriggs Authority

Spriggs Receives Unparalleled Adulation, Praise and Position
“It grieves me that I was not connected or attached to Yoneq (Spriggs) ….Dullness prompted me to call you, when Yoneq should have been the one I sought wisdom from….All this stuff about Ayal’s baptism came about without Yoneq’s approval or knowledge of what was happening!”
“Yoneq wants him to come to full repentance and be sorry for all he has done.  I was working against this!  Ayal will be restored by a ruling government who are attached and connected to Yoneq.”
“I am a brother who was independent in my thinking and deeds.  For weeks my heart has been grieved at my lack of loyalty to Yoneq.”
Letter Sent to Deshe, 2/8/94, p. 1
“My three dear brothers and friends.  I am writing this to you by way of commission by our apostle….I know that all of you there are filled with the life that Yoneq (Spriggs) has lavished on you.  We are beginning to have this life revive our faint and weakened souls as his coming has been a most waited for and treasured event.” – Defensiveness, Letter Given to Three Brothers by an Unnamed Sister, undated, p. 1
“The day when I heard that you would come in a few weeks, I was crying out so much.  I didn’t know how to continue – I was really finished.  But when we heard you were coming, that gave me strength to go on.  I can’t wait until you arrive – I long for you so much…..I appreciate you so much.” – Letter to Yoneq and Ha-emeq from Shua, (Member Messianic Communities) 6/94.
“I often heard in the Communities that you need to judge a tree by its fruit.  That is unless you are judging the Communities fruit! Or Yoneq!  What applies to the goose doesn’t apply to the gander.”  – Letter from Former Member
2. Only Spriggs Gives Teachings
“I (Yoneq) heard from Derush in Judah that as he was teaching about mercy from a teaching I taught here a few months ago, which Baherah had typed up, a young 18 year old woman began weeping and cried out for salvation.” – The New Age Movement Philosophy, 2/22/93, Brazil.
“Havah – ‘I want to share how thankful I am for the teachings (Spriggs’ interpretations – rp).’ ” – Authority 6, 9/26/90, p. 10.
“After this, Yoneq continued to feed the flock.” – Ahavah 3, 9/13/89,
p. 2.
“Dear Abigail and Yowceph,
Probably if I attempted to write a shorter letter it would be easier to get out to you sooner.  My heart is so full of the new revelations that I find it difficult to make my letter shorter.  I realize you are depending on letters from us to hear of the new things Yoneq is teaching.  Much encouragement is coming to the body through the teachings on the Sabbath.  There is so much to be said on the Sabbath, in fact our whole lives are focused on the Sabbath.  Apart from the Sabbath we will never know Him or His victory or His purpose for the age to come.” – Personal Correspondence, 1989.
“To all the places where Yahshua the Messiah is Sovereign: For the sake of everybody:
A while ago Yoneq taught a teaching to the married men in Sus.  Yoceph was commissioned to communicate this teaching to Judah, in order to prepare us for the day when this teaching would be taught here.” – Personal Correspondence, 1989.
“In his November 15, 1988, teaching on Natural Law, Kharash contrasted the American and French Revolutions…..Kharash went on to say that Thomas Jefferson popularized the French way of thinking in government.  Kharash further went on to say that Thomas Jefferson believed in the philosophy of pacifism by which he nearly ruined America.  Yoneq had spoken very highly of Thomas Jefferson, whose Declaration of Independence stated that men were endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights and to secure these rights governments were established by men.” – 10/10/88, What is Capitalism
“After hearing things like that, it is difficult to hear Jefferson described as a subverter of the fundamental ideals of the Constitution.” – Concerning Teaching History, p. 7.
“Prophets need to understand the teaching of the Apostle….’prophets are supports.’ ” Dicky Cantrell (Sameach), personal notes.
3. Spriggs Calls Himself an Apostle
“I must begin by saying that the only authority I have to be called an apostle is my fruit.  Of course authority comes from God, but is recognized by men according to its fruit its practicality (sic).” – Apostolic Role, 1976 or 1977, p. 1
“Even though he’s told us he doesn’t want us to mention his name much at all to people, There is really only one apostle, Yoneq who rules completely.”
“To question His authority is to oppose God.”
“He is “the anointing” everyone refers to.”
“He is the “mind of the body” on all important matters.”
“All is unity….because all obey Yoneq which is obeying God.”
Letter from Former Member
“The saying, ‘Grace thrives under scrutiny” which is often applied to you when people want to examine your life (bring you closer to the chopping block) doesn’t apply to Yoneq.” – Letter from Former Member
“I need to pray for them and specifically, The Creator and his angels are more than able to remove or change Yoneq.” – Letter from Former Member
4. Judgment and Condemnation Over Other’s Lives
“This issue is most clearly seen in the extreme case of Zechariah in Sus.  Not only did he use his position of responsibility in training to spend so much time in libraries (Eccles 12:12), he accumulated the evidence he desired to come against the anointing about the Cham teaching.  He filled up his children with a steady stream of knowledge….This made them feel superior….Libraries are concentrations of the world’s knowledge where it is possible to ingest lethal doses of it.  Zechariah is now reprobate, one whom the righteous are to despise (Psalm 15:4).” – Literature Meeting, 3/5/92,
p. 8
“Zechariah Martin is a prime example of this – he’d do crafty things and think he could get away with it.  Versatile cleverness is being Community wise – people like this know exactly what to say to get people to accept their repentance.  Zechariah knew what to do to get along – he’s learned the ropes and he knows what to say and how to say it in a sophisticated, versatile clever way – to make people believe him.  He has unscrupulous conduct – evil treachery, deceptive scheming, sly shrewdness (strong’s #3834).” – The Personality of God in Us, 8/25/94, p. 2.
“James Howell worked in his natural gifting, and it didn’t build up the Body.  He was a pretender (but he claimed to see).  So all his guilt remains on him forever and ever.  There is no forgiveness for him and his punishment will never let up.” – By the Grace and Strength He Supplies, 6/8/94, p. 3.
“Michael Painter, Bill Tiller, James Howell had contention and selfishness around them.  They functioned in their natural ability and strength.  Then fifteen years later they leave.  Just think what would have happened if they had grace and had surrendered all to Messiah.  They will do good in the world and make money but they didn’t surrender to the coming King.  Their unforgivable sin was John 9:39-41.” – Morning Sacrifice, 1/29/94, p. 6.
“Whoever has the Holy Spirit and leaves the Body is turned over to Death and they don’t live long.  If they don’t have the Holy Spirit, they can do well – like Michael Painter (he’s doing good, living it up – he’s got an 18ft. power boat and a cabin in the Smokey Mountains – somehow he has really taken off).  You can learn really good things in the Edah and then leave and prosper…..He was here and talked about Yahshua, but he was never a peacemaker…. When you went to Michael Painter there was always complaint in him and contention going on between him and his wife or someone else in the Body.  There was always a root of bitterness and we were continually forgiving him….We promoted him based on his natural abilities.” -
Reading Our Freepapers, 7/13/94, p. 3.
The Case of Hobab
The Seriousness of Leaving Messiah
“It was a very serious thing what Hobab did – he thought he could pick and choose what he wanted to do this morning and then just come to the sacrifice and say, “I’m sorry.”  When you cut yourself off it’s like leaving the body!  You didn’t physically leave, but you left the life and hope, just like others have done; committing a fatal sin.”
“What you did by staying in bed was just as bad a sin against Messiah and His Body Acts 22:8. Eph 4:16…”
“When you come to the sacrifice you should tear your clothes, untie your hair, and put your hand over your mouth and cry, “Unclean! Unclean!”  Let others know you have leprosy – Let others know you are out of fellowship.  Expose your self and ask for help.  It is a serious thing.”
“(Yoneq speaking to Hobab) – If you had really wanted to do  something about your withered condition, you would have been here this morning to expose it to let us know.  But you didn’t come – you obstinately and deliberately stayed in bed – so you may as well have packed your bags and deserted Messiah.  If the Holy Spirit is willing to forgive you, we are willing.  We are waiting to hear what our Father’s judgment is.  Of course, we don’t know what our Father is going to speak until He meets with us here in this place.  We can’t say “Amen” unless the Holy Spirit is saying “amen.”  There is no way of pre-planning what our Father will say.”
“Hobab, I want you to see what you’ve done so you will never do it again.”
“(Hobab said he wanted to repent for missing the morning sacrifice and not exposing his withered condition so that he could be helped).”
“Do we feel like he should be restored or cut off for a few more days so that he can see the severity of what he did?  (There was a short silence and no one responded, so Yoneq persisted in asking).  What should we do?  Do we want to restore him and help him?  You decide.  You’re the body of Messiah.”
“(Hobab started to cry and repented for putting Yahshua to public shame and for not coming to the sacrifice and extending his withered hand).”
“He’s sorry for not coming and extending his withered hand.”

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  1. Yoneq died January 11,2021 of covid-19. At 8:35 am. As I learn more I will post. Ex tt member..kimberly L.

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