12 Tribes US and Canada TV News

Twelve Tribes in the news on US TV, mid 90′s

12 Tribes US TV News 1/3 by exttmetoo

Twelve Tribes on CBC Canada

12 Tribes US TV News 2/3 by exttmetoo

12 Tribes US TV News 3/3 by exttmetoo

4 Comments On “12 Tribes US and Canada TV News”

  1. I believe the community is a cult but when I hear Juan Mattataw lying about why he was disciplined and why his daughter was being kept from him I have to let people know. Juan was separated from his children because he confessed to sexually molesting children. The judge gave 2 of his children to his custody whom he molested after getting custody. Juan’s mother who was never in the community killed her own son, Juan, and herself while Juan was on trial for molesting children.

    • So you shud probably shut ur mouth u ignorant shit because u don’t even know my dad’s name. Also the cult made those accusations up to make my dad look bad in court proceedings. So maybe next time don’t comment on shit u know not one thing about! And for Christ’s sake let the guy rest in peace.

      • Lydia: I was amazed to see your reply from so recently. Since you have first-hand experience with Spriggs, I believe that your info could go a long way to revealing the truth to people regarding who this man really is. I know that he is still fooling and manipulating many people, including my ex-wife! I sure hope you are doing well and that you respond.

  2. well said lydia, doug , and other ex members do not know everything about everyone. but ex members who do know stuff need to speak up and share info so we call work togethor to bring the real truth out. that is happening….slow but sure. deep respect for you path lydia, and i hope doug can learn something from you.

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