Spriggs’ spite of Christianity, here are his own words:

Christianity is full of deceptive birds. – The Personality of God in Us
In Christianity, there are no apostles, prophets or elders.  There are only hirelings who care nothing for the sheep.  – Elders and Deacons
Christianity has mistranslated the Scriptures.  A spirit caused them to purposely distort the bibles according to their beliefs.  Every Study bible every translation of the bible has a different diversification behind it. – Ahavah, First Day Teaching  4/23/89
Christianity is reckoned with the nations.  They eat dogs, cats, snails, buzzards and hedgehogs because ‘everything is clean,’ not just pigs.
More on the First and Second Death  11/19/85
….Christianity is no longer scorned by the heathen but accepted as one of them….  This is because they are no different from the rest of the world system ….  All the world needs is one more Christian.  One more would make 1 Billion and one ……  All Christianity is leveled, lukewarm and nicely conformed to this world’s evil system. – The Disciple, part 1
Christianity is not valid because sheep are not in a pasture; it is only possible in the Edah, the true pasture. – For Shepherds Only
The word Christian has come to mean ‘an adherent of Christ,’ but what a joke. – The disciple
Christianity has hirelings who just want a position with a good salary.  They don’t care about the sheep, they just feed off them.  – Elders, part II
Christianity is a folk religion based on myths.
Seeking First the Kingdom/Washing/the Narrow Road
Christianity twists and distorts the Scriptures because they are untaught – they have been taught by the wrong people. – More on the First and Second Death
There’s no forgiveness in Christianity.  They all go to church having committed every sin imaginable and don’t confess it to anyone.
Seeking First the Kingdom/Washing/the Narrow Road
Christianity is a mountain, a high place, where you worship idols, a false place of worship – Stone
The harlot [Christianity] is filled with demons, unclean birds, hatred sins piled up to heaven, and is responsible for the blood of martyrs.  Her sorcery has corrupted the whole world. – Stone IV
The Christian church is good for nothing – not even good enough for the dung heap. – The Disciple
Christianity has fallen – a big tree, a false growth, which our Father will destroy someday.  He will replace it with spiritual Israel who obeys Him…. – Sabbath Eve, Sus  3/30/90
A little white wafer that melts in your mouth represents Christianity.  It does not represent His body. – The Loaf