Inside the cult cafe: How secretive religious sect ‘Twelve Tribes’ is running a popular restaurant just outside Sydney

- using delicious food and friendly service to recruit new members Yellow Deli Cafe in the Blue Mountains is run by religious cult ‘Twelve Tribes’ Vast majority of customers have no idea, but staff are happy to discuss it if asked Members work for free cooking hipster-style food and live in commune nearby They encourage…

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What is it like in the Twelve Tribes cult?

Source: Women’s Weekly In the Twelve Tribes community, members dance, sing, work hard and bake great cookies. But Beverley Hadgraft meets the former members and investigators who believe the community is a cult that’s also abusing its youngest and most vulnerable members. Oct 18, 2018 8:30am By Beverley Hadgraft Tessa Klein was four when she…

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Visiting the Cafe That’s So Good You Forget it’s Run By a Cult

Source: VIce-10th August 2016 By Maddison Connaughton and James Courtney August 10, 2016 Katoomba is a strange place. Probably the best description I’ve heard is that it has “a strong Twin Peaks vibe.” It’s a small town, surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Mountains, seemingly populated by busloads of camera-clutching tourists and backpackers with…

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Matthew Klein testimony-2016

I was born in 1969.  I earned a degree in Applied Science (Chemistry), Graduate Diploma in Education, and was 4 years into a part time Masters of Polymer Chemistry when I met the group known as the Twelve Tribes.  I married Tysha Coyne in September 1994 and together we produced three children, Tessa born January…

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Sects in Australia: Fringe religious groups that have left their mark on the nation (incl.12T)-4/8/2015

Source: The Daily Telegraph – 5th August 2015 OSCAR-WINNER Cate Blanchett‘s debut as director will tell the story of a woman who flees a cult only to fall into a nightmare of imprisonment and government detention. Screen Australia says the actor will direct Stateless, a television series based on the story of German-Australian woman and…

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