Sects in Australia: Fringe religious groups that have left their mark on the nation (incl.12T)-4/8/2015

Source: The Daily Telegraph – 5th August 2015 OSCAR-WINNER Cate Blanchett‘s debut as director will tell the story of a woman who flees a cult only to fall into a nightmare of imprisonment and government detention. Screen Australia says the actor will direct Stateless, a television series based on the story of German-Australian woman and…

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Insight – Changing a Mindset

This week Jenny Brockie hears from people whose beliefs were extreme and sometimes downright dangerous. She finds out how their ideologies came unstuck and what the lessons are for de-radicalisation programs. Transcript – Download Meet the Guests Lebana Ilich Lebana was born into the Twelve Tribes after her parents had joined the group a year…

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Peace, love and mind control

-one Sydney couple’s journey through the Twelve Tribes religious cult. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Sydney couple Rosemary Ilich aka Rose Ilich and Mark Ilich who spent 14 years with the Twelve Tribes religious cult. Photo: Tim Bauer  watch the accompanying video interview One Saturday in October 1996, Mark Ilich and his wife Rosemary did something…

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Slavery, God’s will and the Common Ground Cafe

Source: Life in theTwelve Tribes Messianic communities Posted: May 28, 2012 So, one may ask what is God’s will? If you are a member of the Twelve Tribes you ask this question every morning to your governing guru-in-residence or household head, and you get your marching orders for the day. Obviously, if you are not…

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“Thank you God for getting me off the farm”

Two bloggers tell of their time in the Picton, Australia community of The Twelve Tribes of Israel Source: Life out of a backpack 2011/02/24 Sunday, 13 Feb: Made it back to Katoomba safe and sound and went up to the Common Ground Café to find out the details about leaving for the farm on Monday.  It…

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