OSHA Complaint Filed Against Plymouth, MA Construction Company

Source: UnitedAllianceServices The BOJ Construction (Plymouth, Mass.) website is simple and replete with pictures of gorgeous woodwork and impressive commercial projects. Those who’ve used BOJ say that they are highly skilled and keep their commitments. However, BOJ was reportedly under federal investigation by OSHA for potentially violating child labor laws. In a report by Fox…

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Children of the Tribes-1rst Sept 2015

 This excellent, well researched article was published by Pacific Standard, a National Magazine, Award-winning, bimonthly based out of California. The whole article can be seen on Pacific Standard’s online magazine: here The following are the first paragraphs: Shuah Jones, 15, stuffed clothes under her bed blankets in the shape of a body, grabbed her diary…

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US cult expert+sociologist warns of child abuse in the 12 Tribes+2 other cults

Source: International Journal of Cultic Studies Volume 1, 2010, 27-48 Original title of essay (The Northeast Kingdom Community is short for Northeast Kingdom Community Church, name the 12 Tribes had previously): House of Judah, the Northeast Kingdom Community, and ‘the Jonestown Problem’ Downplaying Child Physical Abuses and Ignoring Serious Evidence Stephen A. Kent Department of…

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