WWOOF Czech Republic-12 Tribes

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Dear friends woofers! We would like to invite you to a vibrant life of a community of 6 families and many singles. We live together, work together and share all in common at our farm.
Between Prague and Karlovy Vary is a little village called Mšecké Žehrovice. Many years ago there was a sculptured head of a Celtic warrior found. The glory of Celtic people passed away and the valley was silent for thousands of years. Not long ago a new song resounded there. You can hear the singing of young and old. The dark valley started to vibrate with a new life. People with different backgrounds, families with children and singles started to live together and work the land. We all have one common vision: Live a life which makes sense and where we can be what we were created for. Living day by day for one another heals us from our selfish ways.
We work together and share the fruits of our work. We raise milking sheep and goats. Our horses faithfully help us with the work on the fields and in the forest. We do natural horsemanship. We cultivate 5 ha of new and old high stem orchards, 10 ha meadows and pastures, 20 ha fields, 2 ponds, natural leaf forest… We keep a large genetic resource of heirloom and resistant fruit varieties. A 16 year old fruit forest gives us lots of not so common vitamin berries and healing herbs. In the end of the summer in our experimental vineyard (490 meter above sea level!) ripe over 30 kinds of juice and table grapes. We work on selecting and propagating self- rooted fruit trees such as peaches, apricots, walnuts, almonds and sweet chestnuts. We plan to make a fruit nursery. We cultivate vegetables and preserve many of our own seeds. We are interested in different kinds of hardy corn which we process through traditional nixtamal recipe. We weave baskets, bake sourdough bread, make cheese, press apple juice and sell our products on markets.
Work is an important part in our life. But the most important for us is to learn to live together as real friends, brothers and sisters. Every morning and evening at six we all gather together in order to encourage one another and with word, dance and songs praise our Creator. We read bible and practise what we understand. We invite our guests to share the life of our big family in work, meals and celebrations.
Accomodation: in trailer or our house

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