Spriggs’ Position: Who does Spriggs claim to be?

We are Yoneq new sprout.  We are Yoneq’s most precious possession.  We are the validity of his apostleship.  We stand in his place.  We are the new sprout organically related to one another.  We must practice his words. – Apostolic Workers Meeting 6/13/88
Yoneq is the anointing everyone refers to. – Former member
We must see that it is Yoneq’s spirit holding our community together.  If we resist then it is hard to function in community.  Resistance makes life miserable.  Subtle rebellion disables Yoneq from functioning as an apostle.  If we pick apart our leaders it makes it hard to rule.  The work will go forward with cooperation.  But if you resist authority the work ceases.  We must be loyal to Yoneq and his anointing. – Apostolic Workers Meeting 6/13/88
Only one of millions of sperm made it to the egg to make me!  The exact combination of genes that made me were one of millions of possibilities.  The odds are so against me having been made just like I am, I am truly unique.  If I never come to Colossians 1:18 I will not fulfill the purpose that I was created for.  There is no other reason for me to be on this planet. – Creation
Our safeguarding – our umbrella of protection – is our loyalty to the anointing. – Guidelines
The Lord has really gifted Gene Spriggs.  He functions as an apostle of the church and we respect him deeply. – Judy Nunley, current member
My three dear brothers and friends.  I am writing this to you by way of commission by our apostle…  I know all of you are filled with the life that Yoneq has lavished on you.  We are beginning to have this life revive our faint and weakened souls as his coming has been a most waited and treasured event. – Defensiveness
It grieves me that I was not connected or attached to Yoneq…  Dullness prompted me to call you, when Yoneq should have been the one I sought wisdom from….  All this stuff about Ayal’s baptism came about without Yoneq’s approval or knowledge….!  Ayal will be restored by a ruling government who are attached and connected to Yoneq.  For weeks my heart has been grieved at my lack of loyalty to Yoneq. – Letter Sent to Deshe 2/8/94
Spriggs’ control is in every place where he has established a community.  His control is the one common denominator that marks every community.  James Howell, Former member
If there are any opinions contrary to the anointing then we are a potential hazard to the body. – Receiving the anointing
Elbert Eugene Spriggs controls everything in the community.  Nothing happens unless it comes directly from him. – Michael Painter, former member