“Spiritually” kill your kids who disobey

Following are extracts where Yoneq talks about pronouncing dead and expelling out of the family and community-church all those youths who disobey, disagree or otherwise don’t fit in. Click on title of highlighted teaching at end of paragraph/extract to see the teaching and download it.

“Bring the child to the elders, then they, the parents, are the first to put him to
death. Now the child has to leave to go into the world that he loves anyway” 1990.08.19-R01 (Children’s judgement meeting).

“When there is a stubborn child you should shorten the child’s life. Dt 19:20-21 — It limits the family.” Training our children in the way they should go (1988-11-22-t02)”

Dt 21:18-21 was, of course, physical death for them. There would be no bad
influence in Israel. But for us it is a spiritual death for children who are not honoring their parents, bringing shame and a curse to them. They have to surely be put to death.
We don’t put anyone to physical death, but they have to be sent out of the Community.
They are under the curse of spiritual death”. …When this occurs and there is a judgment, and everyone has said everything they know about this son or daughter, and we have judged it, and the judgment is that the son or daughter is dead, then there is no more communication with the dead. In the Old Testament, you don’t go to the grave and communicate with the dead. If you do, you can defile yourself to the point of committing a sin unto death.- 2004.01.24-T01(The two most necessary things for fathers)

“To ridicule a leader is to commit a capital offense and the guilty one will be executed by God, independent of the laid-back parents or elders – if it is a capital offense. …After putting the child in custody and judging him worthy of death, if they do not actually put the child to death in this way (meaning put him outside of the community) then they all – the leaders, the parents, and the whole community – will be put to death” 2002.06.03-A01 (The Tribunal of Matthew 5:13-26)


“The child in Dt 21:18 had no respect for his parents. He had gone to the nth degree. They took that child who wouldn’t obey his parents to the elders, for he couldn’t live anymore. He would scream and holler all the time instead of receiving his discipline (certainly, a child will cry, but not scream to get out of his discipline). He grew up not receiving his discipline, doing all kinds of crazy, bad things. Then they had to give the child over to the elders, for they loved the nation more than their own child. So, what happened? They had to get big rocks and throw them and kill the child, so he wouldn’t destroy the clan he was in. The child was only going to ruin others and destroy people’s lives. It is better for one to die than for the whole nation to perish.”( 2003.01.28-A01)