Obey your leaders

Following are extracts of teaching where Yoneq is exorting the leaders to closely watch, get very personal with the flock and tells the flock to obey the leaders. Click on the highlighted teaching at the end of the extract to see/download the teaching for yourself.

“So the elders, and all those who dwell in the light (Eph 5:8), must take action and
love their brothers enough to expose them and undo Satan’s work in their midst…

…Remember the teaching, elders (watch over their souls, Heb 13:17). This takes community living, where our lives are lived before all. So obey your spiritual leaders, and submit to them, recognizing their authority over you, for they are constantly watching over your souls, and guarding your spiritual welfare”   1995.06.00-T02

“The leaders are responsible to watch out for (look after, watch over) the sheep — as a watchman who loses sleep over the sheep. The elders must make sure that the sheep are hating their flesh so much that they crucify it daily (Lk 9:23). When it rises up, they must judge it.” 1996.08.04-T01