Twelve Tribes Germany update 7 / 2013 November 13

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Here is the latest news on the Twelve Tribes group. Wolfram Kunighk was on Maischberger discussing the Twelve Tribes with an ex-member here in Germany, along with other ex-cult members discussing their experiences. If you missed it, I highly recommend it. There is a good run down of the program here, if you are unable to watch. I do not believe anyone has run it through and translated it.

The two girls that had been secreted out of Germany to Switzerland are back in custody in Germany.  The authorities in the Donau-Ries area were in contact with Swiss authorities and that seemed to light a fire under their bums to get the two missing girls returned quickly to Germany. The parents no longer have rights to custody of their children.

As of this weekend, the girls have been back in Germany.

On Friday (11/08/2013) Swiss authorities informed the Donau-Ries District Office that they have tracked down the girls from the controversial Twelve Tribes faith group. They were with their grandmother, and would be [returned to Germany.] – Vermisste “Zwölf Stämme Kinder” zurück

 The Youth Office has picked up the pair upon return to the Swiss-German border, said the district office. They are now returned back in foster and youth care facilities. The authorities will not release a statement on the reason for their disappearance. – „Zwölf Stämme“: Kinder zurück in Bayern

 Gerhard Karl Ansbach, with the prosecution, had stated last week that the children had, according to his information, returned “independently” from Wörnitz to Switzerland. “They were not deported and were entirely voluntarily at their grandmother’s in Switzerland.”
Süddeutsche – Verschwundene Kinder sind wieder in Bayern

 Why the two sisters were in Switzerland  and what is behind their disappearance, was not clear. One of the girls is now placed in a new foster family, the other in a youth care facility.
Augsberger Allgemeine – Verschwundene Mädchen sind wieder zurück in Bayern

At this point, there is not much else to say on the case (from what I see in the news) and I can only hope that everyone in care at the moment is getting all the support they need to deprogram and live as children in an healthy environment.