Twelve Tribes Germany update 16 / 2014 April 24

The original post written by Jennifer Stahl can be found here: Yeshua Hineni Twelve tribes part 16

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Earlier this month, I got news from Rose-Marie Cruzado Rodriguez that she was on an Australian current affairs show entitled “Insight” with a few other individuals to be interviewed.

The description of this episode:

 “This week Jenny Brockie hears from people whose beliefs were extreme and sometimes downright dangerous. She finds out how their ideologies came unstuck and what the lessons are for de-radicalisation programs.”

I had also been tipped off  that there was an article that The Liberty Beacon had put out on the Twelve Tribes last month. The article’s title is “The Twelve Tribes: Religion or Child Abuse?“  There really isn’t a lot of information there, but it’s worth checking into.