Twelve Tribes Germany update 13 / 2014 January 29

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Late last night I got the news that some of the findings of the Bavarian Parliamentary hearing have made it to print.

Rechts Lupe had some good input on the reason for the closure of the private school if there were any legal questions left. There were no trained teachers for this private school as the 2013/14 school year began. Not mentioning any other questionable issues, this one is reason enough for the school inspectors to close operations.  Kostenlose Urteile also brought up the point of corporal punishment being a very real possibility in the school considering everything that goes on outside of it and that cannot be tolerated.

You can find the text of the Bavarian Parliamentary hearing here.  I noticed one thing that was not covered by the audio I had translated yesterday. This is that the parliamentary hearing did see very clearly that the decision to allow the Twelve Tribes to operate a private school in their commune was a blackmail issue. Everyone acquainted with the situation knew this, but few were willing to say so. This is the first time we’ve really seen this said (and heard it with our own ears) from official channels.

The Südwest Presse was careful to note that the Grüne, SPD and Freie Wähler party members accused Child Protective Services of being too slow, lenient and doing too little too late to correct their errors.  Last week, on Monday, there was a child who ran away from his foster home and school to return to the commune. His case is currently being processed by the courts in Munich.
The Augsburger Allgemeine did give us a better idea of the number of children back on the commune and in foster care yesterday as well.

… five children or young people have returned. A sixth teenager is now of age and has also returned. The now majority age teenager and one child were the fifth to return [to Klosterzimmern] after the police raid in September last year. One was a guest of the commune, and is not affected by the process. As it stands, the case of twenty-two of the original twenty-four children and young people taken into care, and those who are back with their parents, has yet to be finally settled.  [source]

This makes one wonder where the number of fifteen has been arrived at. Does this include other children from another nearby commune?  Perhaps one of my commenters closer to the case can give some input there.