Twelve Tribes Germany update 10 / 2014 January 19

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Here are the recent updates on the Twelve Tribes in Germany:

Last month, there were several news articles I was unable to get to due to time crunches with the holidays and dealing with some ongoing situations in my family. These articles included:

  • The Twelve Tribes held a meeting in Deiningen to discuss their beliefs and explain how they discipline their children. They, however, did not wish for news coverage to include cameras or recording devices and sent the Bayrische Rundfunk and RTL out of the room. (Source)
  • The babies of the Twelve Tribes have been weaned and are now placed in foster care. Twenty police officers and members of child protective services showed up in the early morning hours to retrieve seven children from the St. Nikolaus-Heim. (Source)
  • Child Protective Services were simply responding to the court decision made in the courts of Nördlingen in September. However, this generated some negative press as the mothers were quite upset to be separated in this way. (Source)

Earlier this month, the prosecutors in Ansbach discontinued the abuse case against the parents of ten children who live in the Twelve Tribes community in Wörnitz due to lack of evidence.  Their case will continue in family court in regards to their education while, the case against the community in Klosterzimmern is still ongoing. [Source]

The reason for the provisional withdrawal of custody of the Wörnitz Twelve Tribes parents was due to abuse allegations. [Source]

With the case of the Twelve Tribes in Klosterzimmern, the courts will be tied up for some time investigating the abuse allegations, interviewing and questioning parents and children. At this juncture, psychological assessments will be made with the children in question. [Source]

The Süddeutsche Zeitung had a fair write-up on why Child Protective Services has removed so many children in the past year from their parents and why the case of the Twelve Tribes is not a “Should they remove children?” but “They MUST remove the children.” type of situation.