Never complain

Following are extracts from teachings where complaint is dealt with. Click on highlighted teaching after the paragrah to go to the teaching.

“His life was poured out. It’s reasonable, rational that we should pour out our lives for Him. Are you ready to make a covenant? We are going to eat His body and drink His blood, saying, I will love my brothers, never complain or grumble, always think the best.”: 1991.12.30-T01 (The morning and evening sacrifice)

“The vow we make in baptism is to never complain. It’s to keep the covenant. It
doesn’t matter what you have to do because you trust Him.” 1995.09.03-A01(Normal disciples crucify their flesh)

“We can’t be content if we don’t have food and clothing. What else do you need besides food and clothing? We don’t have to complain.
Everything else, the hardships, are for our own good. This prepares us for the kingdom. Through hardship we enter into the kingdom. That’s why we live in the community. There is no salvation outside. Community is designed for hardship. If you see a community without hardship, it’s not the Body. If you understand that you will never complain.
Israel went through hardships.” 1996.12.02-A01 (Grumbling and complaining, a sin unto death)

Whoever complains is not discerning the Body-Download PDF

“Look at 1 Cor 10:10 — Complainers will be destroyed by the destroyer. Now look at verse 11 — “These things were written down for our instruction,” so that we will not also be destroyed. We won’t be taken up if we complain. We will “suffer loss” (1 Cor 3:15). We won’t be worthy of the kingdom.
There will be no murmurers in the kingdom. They won’t rule with our Master.
There is just no way complainers can enter the kingdom” 2008.08.04-P01 (Complainers won’t enter the Kingdom)