Keep traditions always

Following are extracts of teachings dealing with traditions. Traditions cover everything from how long your hair can be, food, leisure time, how to speak…pretty much every aspect of a disciple’s life. To see the teaching or download it click on the short blue title right at the end of the full title:

Keeping the traditions-Intertribal trading meeting-Brazil-25 Aug.2003-On Avany [the boat], Brunswick Georgia==>Keeping the Traditions

“So if someone is disorderly, stubbornly not keeping the traditions, then you withdraw from him…Be on guard against those who don’t withdraw from the disorderly ones. Don’t have anything to do with them…See how much money people have in their pockets as they come back from somewhere. Maybe they didn’t bring the change back because they were thinking about getting ice cream or something. But it adds up when you talk about a thousand people.
Once in Sus we collected $2,000 in spare change. How much does a regular, big community have in their pockets, on their shelves, in their own piggy banks? We have to think about the whole Body, not being like Ananias and Sapphira. Then the Body will prosper, it will get off the ground and fly. There wouldn’t be this petty stuff that keeps us back. I know that some people need money. They just have to have money…Not everyone can have an automobile. I’ve heard people complain, “How come I don’t have an automobile?” “Well you don’t need one; it’s not your function in the Body.
What are you going to do with the thing? Shine it and polish it up? No one’s going to
send you anywhere in the thing.” Not everyone needs a car, but some people do. It’s just
how it is, if you don’t like it, then wait for the judgment, and you’ll be judged for complaining, and if they’re misusing that car, then they’ll be judged.Some people have their own little cars so that on the Sabbath they can run off to the beach. If they need to go to the beach and it’s known that they’re going because of a disorder, then it might be OK. But too many people take advantage of it. So help people to see this. I know a person who is outside the Body now because he complained that he didn’t have a car and someone else did. And it didn’t go well with him. “What would you do if you had one? Who would send you anywhere in the first place?”