1996 Teaching: (Not) Using the Internet 1996.09.30-L01
“Some of you may have become aware that certain apostolic workers have begun using E-mail to communicate with each other. This was done for the specific purpose of avoiding high phone bills for frequent faxes and other inter-tribal communication. It is critically important that all would have the right mind about this, and that none would consider it a license to get his own account and begin delving into the realm of electronic ommunication..cyberspace, as this electronic world is sometimes called, is a very dangerous place, full of potential for defilement…

At this point this is our understanding on the subject. But in general we want to obey the words of the apostle, ”those who use the world [should do so] as though they did not make full use of it; for the form of this world is passing away.” (1 Cor 7:31)”"