Humanity and divinity

He added divine nature when we received His Spirit.  We still have human nature though, our natures are not co-mingled.  We have two distinct natures, human and divine… Word of God
We’re going to be His very representatives.  His God won’t dwell anywhere else, except in us.  You won’t be able to see God separate from us.  That’s how it will be forever and ever. – About the Breaking of Bread
If we clothe ourselves with our Master we will make His nature joined to our nature. – Brazil
We’ll always be human, but we’ll house Divine nature… Within us will dwell the fullness of the Godhead bodily. – Judah, Island Pond, Yoneq 2/14/89
The life of the Son is divine nature, which we partake of, and only by taking in the Son of Man in His humanity – flesh and blood as He was born, the “second Adam” – can we “partake” also of Divine nature and eternal life. – Receiving a Sent One
….I will be Elohim to him.  It doesn’t say, I will be his God,” but it says, “I will be God – him.  My dwelling place will be Him.  My Spirit will dwell in Him and He will be my Son.”  It speaks of compatibility there.  That’s the understanding.  “I will be Elohim to Him.”  That’s God.  God is three personalities.  The full Godhead will be dwelling in His Son, just like any father’s spirit dwells in his son.  The God we have is not human.  He is Divine.  So therefore He is looking for a home.  He created a home.  He made a beautiful house to dwell in.  We’re His sons and His spirit dwells in His sons.  When you think about it like that, He wants to be recognized.  He wants to be manifested.  When our Master Yahshua was here on earth, He overcame every day.  He represented the Father perfectly and He said , “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”  That’s how it should be with us.  If you see one of us you should see the Father.  – About the Breaking of Bread
It’s not a small thing we are doing, being the incarnation of God, His Spirit in human flesh.  He hasn’t done that for 1900 years.  This is the restoration, if not we are just another group.  We have to understand who we are and where we are going …. – What Justifies a Person’s Absence From the Minchah
To receive Messiah through a sent one is to partake of divine nature….  The “divine nature” brings us up above such corruption, as is expressed chiefly in “the world of Christianity” – the divisive spirits of this world are all in her. – Receiving a Sent One
We, being human, can relate to other humans and represent the God who is divine and the Spirit who cannot be seen.  He needed a body to dwell in so He could be seen in them (represented rightly).  In order for Him to dwell in them, they needed to be holy.  These holy people would be the exact representatives of the Divine glory of God. – Three Eternal Destinies # 50 Overview 3: His Dwelling Place
Our spirit makes us God – conscience, conscious of God.  When he made human beings it was to live forever perfectly at home in Him, in perfect coordination, with that human.  Our body was made to house our spirit; the Divine Spirit is perfectly at home in our spirit. – Hamburg 10/24/90
No longer will the nations be as Romans 1: 23, 25 needing a physical representation or manifestation in animal form (creature and creation, etc.) when the real sons of God in whom the fullness of the Godhead dwells in bodily form will be revealed.  They will be all that the nations desire in order to see God.  They will see US – His physical human representation – who rule forever and ever over all creation. – The Three Eternal Destinies – The Righteous of Revelation 22:11
Who is going to be the Son of Man throughout eternity?  Man.  We won’t be male and female then.  Now, man is male and female, but then man will be man.  He was the Son of Man then; we are the son of man in Him throughout eternity – He will bear a human likeness. – Breaking of Bread 4/21/90
When you spoke to Him it was like talking to the Father.  He was the exact representation of Elohim.  (Heb 1:3).  And that is what He is grooming us for.  He is preparing us to be exactly like YAHSHUA.  We are still going to be just like Him.  Wherever you go in the far reaches of the universe, when they see us they will see the Father.  We will be just like the Son.  He is going to have many sons.  This is the ultimate  purpose. – Ahavah 3
Divine nature took on human nature in order that we, the fallen human beings that we are, might take on divine nature.  We will always be human but we will also partake in divine nature.  We already have partaken in divine nature, tasted of the Spirit by taking on Ruach Ha Kodesh who is divine. – The Ultimate Goal
Divinity had no beginning, but humanity did.  Divinity is uncreated, humanity was created.  YAHSHUA became human to make us partakers of Divinity.  We had a beginning but will have no end – like divine nature.  Divinity took on humanity that humanity could take on divinity.  Humanity had a beginning – was created and took on divinity to have no end of life. – The Ultimate Goal
God is not able to rule by His spirit alone, without human beings.  He has to have real live human beings who are the exact representation of his divine spirit in human form – as YAHSHUA was the exact representation of the Father wherever He was on the earth.  (Hebrews 1:3).  Therefore we are going to be exactly like YAHSHUA. – Natural Israel
We are human and we take on divinity, but we never lose our humanity.  Divine nature will dwell in human nature.  They go together better than a horse and carriage.  Like a woman was a perfectly made for man.  Humanity was made for divinity…. – The Ultimate Purpose