Following are extracts from teachings where homosexuality is dealt with. Click on highlighted teaching after the paragrah to go to the teaching

“It is a demon that turns you on to homosexuality. It’s not natural. It’s demonic.” 1991.00.00-L02

“Lev. 20:l3. They must be put to death. Homosexuality is a capital offense. They did what was detestable,and they became detestable. Both did, the active and passive sides of the act. Lev. l8:22,23. A man lying with a man is as detestable as sex with a dog. There is absolutely no difference in His sight. It cuts you off from Israel…

For a woman to have homosexual affairs is the same as presenting herself to an animal. Homosexual activities are absolutely forbidden to God’s highest creation. Sodomy (anal intercourse) is both man to man and man to woman. It is absolutely forbidden.” 1990.07.03-T01
3 teachings that focus on homosexuals civil rights: 1994.02.00-T03   1994.02.00-T02 1994.02.00-T01
“Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them were spreading far and wide the corruption of sodomy. Going after strange, young or new flesh (anything different, variety, no monogamy). They will suffer the punishment of the eternal fire. They were cast into the Lake of Fire. They will not be resurrected in Rev 20:11-15, since they all are already judged as Filthy(Rev 22:11,15) as dogs outside the Holy City” 1996.09.27-T01 (3Eternal Destinies teaching #12)