Harsh discipline

Following are extracts with their corresponding teaching highlighted that show just how harshly Yoneq means for “discipline” to be

“It’s better to be too severe in our discipline than too lenient. It is very difficult to increase discipline later on, but it isn’t difficult to decrease…Discipline, in order to be effective, must be consistent, controlled severity, and applied early in life, and immediately after an offense…This means that we shouldn’t give anyone a command unless we see to it that he obeys. The rod must come wherever there is disobedience. Let’s not ever use the rod unless it hurts. It should be that the child would never want another spanking” better to overdiscipline-dolls-fantazing

“A child can learn at a very young age. For example, a wriggling six-month-old baby who intentionally refuses to let you put on his diaper can be taught the meaning

of “no” in one or two simple lessons. When he tries to crawl away while changing his diaper, he can be told “no,” pulled back, and held in place for a moment. The next time that he tries to crawl away, he should be spanked lightly”. Control and teaching
“When there is a stubborn child you should shorten the child’s life. It limits the family”.
-Training Up Our Children In The Way They Should Go. 1988-11-22-t02Yesterday I was down at the river and Yochanan (Haggai’s son) was swimming and I saw that he had stripes on his bottom. I thought that if there were other people there and they saw those marks, they should know that he has a father who loves him.
-Breaking of bread 7/15/89From the cradle to the grave you must discipline your children. From the age of 6 months you would start disciplining them with a rod on the palm of their hands and then you would stop when they are about one year old. From there you would discipline the children with a rod on their buttocks until they submit…
-Elbert Spriggs (Yoneq)

Our children need to fear the rod. The severity of our discipline should cause them to never want to be disciplined again. Don’t be afraid of your “baby”. That he is going to be more than you can handle if you confront his bad attitudes or deal with his disobedience. For we have no other purpose than to deal with our children.. So, take action and “beat the tar out of him”.
-Letter From Abel 4/6/85

The method needs to be controlled, slow and hard. He should never want another wippen (sic) as long as he lives.
-Elders Meeting 2/11/78

Reproof gives wisdom to the child. Submission comes only through reverent submission (fear) of the Lord. Execute judgment and draw blood.
-Elders Meeting 2/11/78

A six month old baby can be trained what no means. Lightly use the rod not your hand. When the baby is wiggling when their diaper is changed, spank them to stop wiggling.
-AWM 3/16/88

A man who beats his son frequently will reap the benefits. He will be proud of him among his acquaintances.
-Letter From Abel 4/6/85

Bend his neck and bruise his ribs while he is young. Allow him no independence in childhood, or he will hurt you very deeply. Be strict with your son and persevere if not then you will nurture his insolence.
-Letter From Abel 4/6/85